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Easter munchies

Well... Choc reduction definitely more successful since starting NHS 12 week plan. I did not abstain (I'm not crazy); I went by portion size. I'm anti excess packaging but I have to admit having to unwrap individual cake bars and registering the calories does help me walk away from a packet. I hope everyone else had a successful, healthy(ish) Easter :-D

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Nice one 👍


Hi Gonnadoit,

Great that your choc reduction has been more successful, and your strategy to go by portion size sounds great! 

I think I coped much better with Easter this year than on previous years.  I think that sueper 's Easter Bunny Challenge was a highly motivating factor for that, and the support of everyone here too.  It really helped a lot.

Glad you're also finding it easier, and hopefully you'll notice more things coming easier as habits change and you develop more confidence with your daily choices etc.

Have a great week.

Lowcal :-)

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Many thanks. I think Easter is a tricky time for all those with a sweet tooth. Without my low cal hot chocolate, I think I'd be sunk!

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