Back again

Back again

I have been away for some time,I have gained back the weight i lost as I seem to lose my motivation and am definately a emotional eater,I eat quite healthy and as I already stated in my previous posts,i buy cakes and biscuits for my visitors and before they arrive I will have opened the biscuits or cake and one slice never seems enough for me ,or one biscuit.I look forward to being with you all as I drift off when I gain as I feel oh not worth it,silly thought but this is what happens,hallo to all. I have had great support from this site ,thanks again


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11 Replies

  • Hi Scrit1,

    Welcome back!!! It's great that you've decided to join us again, and I can't remember if we had our Welcome Newbie post when you were last here, but I will give you the link to it, as it really highlights current things going on in the forum, and Moreless (a lovely member of this community) put it together:

    Hope you'll enjoy joining in with anything that takes your interest, and wishing you a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Love the newbie post and link thank you

  • Welcome back,

    Love the photo, you look really happy😃

    I can totally identify with ' once I've had one ' drama !! It's good to hear you feel in the right place to start again😃 I've had a difficult week but today I have decided that it is worth the hard slog, the sun is shining and it's a day to be just be thankful 😃

    Have another look at the 12 week plan I still go back to it for ideas. If you fancy why not join us on the 'leagues under the sea' challange ? It would be great to have you on board 😃

    Here's to onward and downward, have a great week


  • Thank you I will do and ,will have a look at the weeks 12 again,not sure what the leagues under the sea challenge is,sounds interesting.

  • Nothing to add, just want to say hello, 😊 And also been there done that with regards to the "weight loss and gain roller coaster"

    This time is different, this time I am driving, this time I will keep slim and healthy for life . . . When i get there!!

    Anna 😊

  • Welcome back and make sure you don't go away this time! The support on here is fabulous so if you are feeling as though things are slipping, shout for help!

    A suggestion for the cake/biscuit thing, you could ask your invited guests to bring with them a cake or biscuits? That way you will not be tempted to sample the goods first :-) I do the same with wine these days, don't keep any in the house but when anyone is coming I ask them to pick some up. Before anyone thinks I am just being mean then I do reciprocate :-)

    Anyhow, good luck you know it works so just get back on plan and stay motivated!! :-) John

  • Its a way of life for me,we always had something in our house for the visitor when young,I forgot that this is not necessary but your suggestion will be put into place ,thank you

  • It's good that you have come back to the site and I do hope that it will help you get back on track

    However I have got to make comment on your comments about buying in cakes and biscuits for visitors. Why do you feel the need to do this. I would suggest that this could be an excuse for having them in the house. Two suggestions, one don't buy them and when you have visitors be honest and tell them you are sorry but you don't keep them in because you don't want to eat them and can't resist them if they are there or, and this is what I did, buy in something that you don't like. I don't like chocolate bourbons so they were the only biscuits that I kept in.

    Hope you can get yourself back on plan and get rid of that extra weight. Good luck

  • Thank you and I think your suggestion is possibly correct as I am not always sure that the visitor calls every week but I still purchase the sugary treats,thank you

  • how about some nice fresh fruit, cheese and some oatcakes for your visitor to nibble on? I would much rather have these than sweet biscuits and if they do not show up you can finish them off without feeling guilty?

  • Thank you,I will do this

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