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Week 10 and a stationary bike question

This week was full of the trouble and tribulation but that seems to be the norm around here :) The boy was poorly, I had a sinus infection... So I only exercised twice, failed the S&F challenge entirely and ate pizza on Friday!

But luckily I might have just eaten healthily enough the rest of the week to have a 0.5kg loss, down to 88kgs. Absolutely over the moon with that. Can't remember how many years since I saw those figures on the scales.

This week started well, a weights full body workout yesterday and either a run or a cycle today, depending on babysitting.

I have just been handed down a stationary bike, any ideas on how to use it most effectively? And how to combine it with running without making my legs drop off :)

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Well done for the weight loss. This is the proof that one bad day will not turn into a bad week if the rest of the week is controlled. Your hard work paid off!

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My cyclist friend assures me that it is about repetition not how hard it is to press the pedals if you are with me?? So I just go round and round (and round) as fast as I can !!! I used to count (30, then 50 etc . . . ) I now can do almost 5 minutes fast, 5 slow and repeat. Hope that's helpful?

Ps remember to warm up and stretch after, but you probably know that!


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