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Hi everyone, I lost 11/2 1bs when I weighed on Saturday. Very pleased. Hopefully by June if I continue to lose a 1b a week I shall reach my goal. I often have salad for lunch but just lately Ive been having fruit and yogurt, its so filling for me now. Before my weight loss, & I always have enjoyed fruit, I would never have had just fruit for lunch. Now I find it so satisfying. My treat at the weekend was a curly wurly only 115 calories.

Hope you all have a good week.

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I was thinking along similar lines about how much less I can put on my plate and still feel full 😊 Great isn't it? Well done on your loss, I'm sure you will meet your target 😊😊😊

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Hi Fruitspangle,

Wow, that's great to hear you've lost 1.5 pound this week, and great to hear you're on track to achieving your goal you've set for June.

Hope you enjoy your week.

Lowcal :-)

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