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Daily intake

Daily intake

Day 5:

So today for breakfast I had 3 weatabix and soya milk again (280 cals)... I was a lil naughty and for dinner I got a walnut donut cone with ice cream in it (750 cals) because the market here is only on once a week on a Friday and I'd never had one

Because of this I told myself I'd just have to have a smaller tea so I didn't go over too much on calories, I had a quorn sausage and lettuce sandwich (326 cals) for tea and am completely full :)

Again I stuck to my 2 litres of water per day and had a strawberry flavoured tea and a coffee :)

I don't feel guilty for the donut because I enjoyed it and we all deserve treats from time to time :D

I just had to show you the donut cone with icecream :p

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Glad you enjoyed your treat and worked it into your eating plan 😊 Perfect attitude 😊

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Thank you Anna :)


Love the picture! Great that you didn't feel hungry later. The quorn sausage and lettuce sandwich sounds good - might have to give that one a go!

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Thank you :))

Yeah it's really nice and filling :))


Wow I have never seen a doughnut like that Kat96 .. lol I hope you enjoyed it !

I don't have a sweet tooth at all but crisps, nuts and most other things savoury has my mouth watering ... so I have stopped buying them ...lol

As you said we all need to have a treat now and again and it makes it all the more delicious when you do ...

Have a great weekend !


I hadn't till recently

And we'll it was delicious :)) yes we do so I'm glad we did


Oooohhh you bad girl, posting food porn pictures. 😀

I want one now.


Ahah sorry I just wanted you to all see it in its glory aha :))


Hi Kat,

Well I have never seen one of those before! Wow! I really like ice-cream - I usually have some on the weekends - as I don't tend to have desserts much in the weekdays. So I'll be looking forward to some ice-cream this evening.

I'm glad you enjoyed your walnut doughnut cone with ice-cream. I know you'd been wanting to try one, as you'd never had one before. Great photo! I always like it when people share photos - really colourful and I wouldn't have known what you meant if you hadn't given a photo to show what it is.

Your quorn sausage and lettuce sandwich sounds tasty. I might try one of those sometime.

Hope you are enjoying Saturday so far, and that you have a lovely weekend.

Lowcal :-)

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Hi Lowcal

I love ice cream too,especially vanilla so I hope you enjoy yours this weekend

Yeah I thought it may have been confusing without the picture aha

I definitely recommend it, it really is tasty :)

I am thank you and hope the same to you too :)

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