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Got a headache but strongly motivated!

Hi everyone!

hope you are all keeping your heads high and strong to achieve your goals!

It was my first day at work since I joined this forum. I had a cup of tea with two slices of bread this morning during break I had a snack bar that had 90 calories. For lunch I had tomato, chicken and basil soup with an apple and a banana. for dinner it was boiled white rice with carrots, peas, beans and mixed lentils on top. I don't know why but my migraines have kicked back in. :( but this time i am not going to let it take over me as each time before. I also did about 20 minutes of walk on top of the activities during break and lunch time with children. (Oh! I am a TA by the way.) :)

feeling strong and motivated.

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All sounds good and right on track,

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IMHO too much food/caffeine that spikes your insulin and not enough natural fat.


I would be chewing the desk in hunger if I'd only had what you have. Very little protein in breakfast and lunch. And some healthy oils would make you feel fuller too. Could your migraine be hunger? Perhaps drink more water, especially if eating less is making you head for the kettle more often. Tea and coffee both contain caffeine and you don't mention milk in drinks, so perhaps you are having it black, so not buffered by the milk. All of these could trigger migraine. Unless you already know your triggers. Mine used to be stress making me work harder and drink less plus the overhead lights, which were fluorescent. Some of them can be triggers. I had to shift my desk around so that I was at a different angle to the lights, then it was better. And take my breaks! Especially when I was busy. Very impressed that you managed to keep going though.


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