I just can't believe it

there must be something i'm doing wrong, all of my computer crashed again tonight whilst i was out and i've lost everything, had to re-input everything including all HU files. i need a holiday. anyway my steps for today was 2068, so good night to all, i think i'm going to change my name, any help please reply or i'll be shot at dawn for making the same stupid mistake has i did yesterday, but i don't know how when i was out. take care many suggestion on name change as possibly please the win doesn't get a prize sorry, i might muck that up as well Alan =(=(=(


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7 Replies

  • Hi Alan,

    Sorry to hear your computer crashed again, second night running, that's bad luck! It must have taken a while to re-input all your HU files. I think Moreless had also had some kind of technological glitch tonight. I wonder what's occurring!

    You said you want some ideas re: changing your name. Have you considered any names you like? Maybe think of 2 or 3 and ask for thoughts or comments, as it can be nice to have a name that feels personal to yourself - or that you link to in some way. I wouldn't know what to suggest Alan. Just as well there wasn't a prize, as I wouldn't be winning anything, as I can't suggest anything to you. Sorry!

    Hope you're having a good evening and that the rest of the week goes well - and I really hope you don't get that computer problem again tomorrow night!

    Well done for doing 2068 steps today - that's really great.

    All the best,

    Lowcal :-)

    p.s. Alan, I've let the Around the World in 80 Days gang know that you did 2068 steps today - hope that was ok. I didn't want them to miss those steps. I'm going to sleep now as I feel tired. I hope you sleep well yourself. Night night.

  • How about MrCuddles?

  • I hate it when the technology goes wrong . Take a breath and count to 10.

    how about shrinking Al? Or the great lesser Al? Why do you want to change? Think I may have missed something.

  • How about HAL9000 ? Very apt given your computer problems :-) I write everything down in a diary and glad I did as my laptop crashed last week :-( John

  • hi John i must be going mad, last night nothing on my computer, got up this morning everything is back nothing missing, i'm losing it, i think someone is trying so send me over the edge, was it a dream, no it can't be you have replied in the post i put up last night. there is something not right here. many thanks John

  • ha ha, the wonders of technology Alan. Maybe back up your important files onto an external drive, just in case! This could have been a warning for you :-)

  • hi John all my file was back up in a backup file, i just can't work it out what went wrong, i even phoned a mate who's IT worker explained what had happened, i check my computer file itself on the C drive and it was all there but didn't come back on until this morning, all ok for now thanks John take care........Alan

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