So I have been binge eating again for about 2 weeks now. At first I maintained weight but not I put it back on. I am not happy with it at all. This week- just five days, I want to be back in control. I am an adult.. I can make the choice to avoid high sugar/fat nutrient low foods. In times of stress, I reach out to food, and it never helps. In fact, it increases the stress. So this week, I need to remember this: Food won't help you de-stress. Look after your body by giving it the nutrients it needs and the exercise it deserves.

I hope that some of you lovely lot will join me this week with getting back in control and looking after out bodies.


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  • Hi Claude, I've had that conversation with myself too, telling myself that I'm a adult and the only way to shift the weight is by making good food choices and more physical exertion. we know the theory, and our bodies will follow what our minds tell it to do.

    I am a great believer in 'proper' foods, so I have butter on my bagels, I just weigh it (10g of Anchor is enough as it turns out, I used to just chuck it on), if I have porridge I put unrefined demerara sugar on it, but you've guessed, I measure it, 2 tsp is enough.

    We don't have low sugar, low fat, or substitute flavours as I have 4 kids at home still, and it adds to long term eating problems for all of us to buy into the diet industry processed foods.

    So, cook from scratch, weigh and measure everything, tedious as it is, and take control. The days of being in control will become weeks in control, and then months in control, and then second nature. I also need a distraction as I can console myself with food, and celebrate with food, I can always find a reason to get food, or snacks in on the party.

    If you can make the time or space, go for a walk when the urge to eat comes for you. Even if its just around the block, or up and down the stairs 3 or 5 times if you are at home or work. I find going to make a hot drink doesn't help as I then start to wonder what I could have with the drink while the kettle boils lol.

    I'm sure everyone will be along soon with hints and tips, good luck and look forward to seeing how you're doing :-)

  • I know the feeling , now when any family come they make their own drink and when they get the biscuit tin out I walk out the kitchen lol my great g son knows what draw the choc in, so he don't ask now just helps him self to a small bar. as I do not eat it any more he go's away from me to eat it, he know nan cannot have it. lol they all try to help me on my diet. so keeps food away lol it better then I expected. losing

    it slowly which I like. a friend of mine lost 2 stone in a few weeks but she looks ill she gone grey in her face. my hubby said that we are doing it right way cutting down on fat and sugar. I do feel better since I started and sleep better at night. I might even go on the beach this summer something to look forward to. :) remember we are all rooting for you .

  • Oh lovely I feel your pain. I have done that for years too.

    The thing that has helped me this time is to control one thing at a time. Being successful controlling one thing has given me a boost and then I moved onto the next.

    I started with alcohol then sugar, then reducing my eat if window. Being in control of those, I was still eating the crisps, chips, cheese for example but naturally started eating less.

    Yesterday I was not so strict and my mind didn't cope very well at all. Knowing I had to fast stopped my mind racing and halted binge mentality.

    Have you tried sorting out one thing at a time? It may make the difference?

    I hope someone on here can help. We are all different but one idea may resonate with you and help you regain control. Good luck lovely. 😊

  • I Agree with asics, could you try one or two small achievable targets? I was told just cutting daily calories by 150 and a ten minute walk is 1lb a week (approximately) 😊 Goid luck, thinking of you

  • I too have been binge eating I seem to have a mental block I do well really pleased, then self destruct. I will take note of replies as well. Good luck everyone

  • It was mother's day yesterday I was very tempted when offered chocolate cheesecake but declined when I reliesd how much excersice I would have to do. I went to a party afterwards and their we're lots of temptations so I stayed on the dance floor and told myself.'these calories will burn and I will loose weight. Lossed three pounds this week.putting up the exercises this we going to swim aerobic classes.

  • I feel for you - being an emotional eater makes it doubly hard to lose weight ! I had the same struggle last week !

    I think dieters in particular are very hard on themselves you need to remember no one is perfect and having a bad couple of weeks doesn't mean you have lost the battle

    See this as just a blip and start as if it is day 1. Then takes each day as it comes

    Good Luck !!

  • Hi there, I am getting near to goal weight and have decided this has to be the way it is,, so just eat a little bit more of the good stuff, I cant go back to cheesecake and eton mess etc etc, but people are noticing I look thinner, I feel better, so don't give in just think of it differently, you don't need the sinful stuff its not good for you or that nice really!! x

  • Yes! Looking after ourselves is *so* important!

    One thing that used to help me stop the binge cycle was diverting myself - whenever I got to a stress point that made me want to eat an entire box of biscuits, I would drink a glass of water and go for a 10-minute walk. Maybe it was the endorphins, or maybe just that I'm easily distracted, but I found that the walk usually helped the feeling pass, and I did really feel better after I got back. Just a distraction tactic that might help!

    Thank you for posting, it was a great reminder to me!

  • I'll join you.been to the gym this am.58mins of gentle exercise.I can see the cals I've burnt.all good for encouraging you to carry on. Run up and down the stairs if you have them

  • thank you all for your posts it makes me want to continue with my diet . you all give me hope I stay the course. I cut down on my sugar fats now some fruit as I am diabete, after eating a bag of grapes, my sugar went up to 13.5 now I stopped that. its back down to 5.3 I am watching my dinner plate I got a smaller one and eat more veg. I am not keen on a lot of meat so that's easy to cut out. the dogs get more then me. :) I found after Christmas to cut out the choc but I have done it, I do not have any now. if I did have choc I would want more so with me better to not eat it at all. I have gone down from 21.13.5. now 12.7. this week in a short time I think I am doing well. I want to lose it slow that way it will stay off after changing the way I eat, also my husband lost 9lb since he joined me. and he says he even feels better. thank you all for your support its nice to have you. better to know you are not on your own.

  • I have that same conversation even has I'am putting the biscuit or chocolate in my mouth. All the cream cakes, chocolates etc jumping at you in the shop makes it even harder.

    To try avoid this personally is hard but I put sweets/biscuits in a hard place, so while I look at the tin above my cupboard I think " to get to that tin means getting the stool out, climbing to get the tin etc, is it really worth it."

    Told my trainer "not to tell me no sweets etc that makes it even worse".

    You can do this Claude, everyone falls down just picking yourself up after. This group is here has well.

  • I understand and am at that exact stage to0

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