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Hi :)

At my heaviest I weighed 13 stone 7 pounds at 16. I proceeded to lose weight when I was 18 and went down to 11 stone 4. I went home at Christmas and ended up putting weight on and was 11 stone 8. While I was losing weight before, I was in control and enjoyed the whole process. Now I don't feel the same and it's caused me to overeat and binge eat on many occasions, I now weight 12 stone and feel like I'm going backwards. I want to start losing weight again and feel like I'm not sure how to begin again

Do any of you have tips or advice on how to start and keep myself motivated? I just want to feel good about myself and regain control

Thank you very much :)

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  • Hi Kat96

    Welcome to he forum, I think you've come to he right place for support, advice and motivation. I'm sure Lowcal or moreless will reply to you soon with loads of help. Everyone on here is very supportive as we are all travelling the same journey. The nhs 12 week plan has helped meto make sensible choices on food and exercise without feeling hungry all the time. This is a lifestyle change, not a diet. Look forward to you becoming a regular on the site. Again welcome 😃

  • Hi Mimsta

    Thank you for welcoming me to the site :) yes I completely agree that this is a lifestyle change, I want to gain control and stay in control of my weight and eating habits, get to a healthy weight and maintain that weight. I think it's good there are networks such as this for us to all share our own thoughts about what we are going through so we're not alone, I shall make sure I make a post whenever I need advice so I know I'm not alone and try respond to other's posts so they're also not alone :)

    Thank you for responding :)

  • Keep the pressure off by taking it one day at a time. Just for today you're going to eat well. Don't get too upset if you have a bad day, we all have them. Plan a treat for halfs and stones off to motivate yourself. If you only lose a pound remind yourself that slowly off stays off, and you wouldn't think only a pound if it was on ;) Keep plenty of healthy snacks available so you can still grab and go guilt free. Hope this helps :)

  • Hi Fab :)

    Yes I shall try to use what you've said, taking it step by step and not thinking too far ahead should help me stick to my goal better and not think too much about the weight I need to lose. I think when we set a goal such as losing weight, we feel that it should be a quick fix because it seems so easy to put on weight but it works both ways it's just we're not deliberately putting on our weight so we aren't looking out for it like we are when we lose weight.

    Yes, you've made it very clear there with you're point about losing a pound being good as when comparing it to how you feel when you put one on.

    I'll try remind myself of that when I starting losing weight so I can encourage myself to lose more.

    I think I need to get a greater variety of healthy snacks as I easily get bored so I shall also do this too

    Thank you very much :)

  • Hello Kat

    If I could give my (younger) self any weight control advice it would be to train my head to control my eating and not my emotions. 40 years of yoyo dieting and I finally feel in control 😊

    Calorie/portion counting works for me as it allows for all food - many that are perceived as 'fattening' or 'bad' for us.

    Myfitnesspal is z really great app. Check it out. It also has a guide to how to burn off calories, dancing wZlking etc

    But most importantly, have belief in yourself, you have successfully lost weight so you CAN do this, good luck! 😊😊😊

  • Hi Anna

    Thank you for your response, I did have myfitnesspal which helped me lose weight but I became too dependent on it because if I didn't use it one day I'd end up over eating and wouldn't know what I was doing with food.

    My nana managed to lose weight on her own without such use and I want to feel I can do it without any aid such as that and that I know without calorie counting, what's right for me if that makes sense?

    I shall however, try to take your advice on board about self belief and trying to let my emotions get in the way, which is easier said than done. But true because if you dont believe you can do something you won't try or succeed and if you let your emotions get in the way then of course overeating can be a problem. I shall look to see how I can get these in control and see what happens

    Thank you very much :)

  • Positivity showing already 😊😊 good luck

  • Thank you

    Good luck to you too :)

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