Newbie 2nd week!

Hi Everyone,

Wasn't in the right mindset to say hello earlier, but I've been calorie counting now for a fortnight and ive lost 2 1/5 pounds and given I'd maintained with slimming world since January despite sticking to plan and doing zumba I'm amazed at my small loss when I feel to have eaten tons including a toby Carvery breakfast lol! Wow this works who knew lol 😁

P x


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5 Replies

  • Hi MrsLunn and hello :-) well done on your weight loss so far that's a great number and yes this really does work :-)

  • I do SW but I also calorie count. I find by doing the two side by side I make healthy food choices. The problem for me with just calorie counting is I could use far too many calories on rubbish so combining the two works well and I am now at my target weight and have been since the 23rd December

    Goo luck 2.5lb is a good start x

  • Congrats on your weight loss !!! I agree it can be done and this forum helps too with the support we all need !!

  • thanks guys I'm excited for the next weigh in now!

  • I think we all need the boost from a change occasionally. I am a maintaining Weight Watcher who is trying to get back to goal against some health issues that have cut my exercise options. Also I am researching this site for a family member who's fallen off the wagon, big time. We know that all these different versions of healthy eating work if we do them, so it is just finding the one that suits us now. I, like you, love this site. Much wider discussions than some of the others I've been on. And everyone is so supportive of each other. Great that you are getting losses while eating out. That is the trickiest one of all. Hope your next week is just as good on the scales, and at the table because you must be making all the right choices.

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