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And another good day in paradise

Thank you NHS weight loss program.

By educating me on healthy eating you made my day.

Today is a nice sunny day here. Not as hot as last week 42 degrees but a nice 30 something. There is a gentle sea breeze, blue skies contrasting perfectly with the red dirt and assorted shades of green from the trees and shrubs. I needed to go to the hardware store. The dog wanted to come too so I had to look for a shady parking spot under the trees. The best ones were right at the Front of the carpark away from the main entrance of the store. Before the NHS program, I would have been driving around and around until I found a spot near the entrance so I did not have to walk, but now it does not matter because the new me loves walking. (I do not have swollen ankles or fluid retention in the heat anymore 👍). So there I was, in the shade, left the car sliding doors open so the dog was happy and I sauntered happily to the store. I stood erect, swinging my arms, breathing the sunshine, in my nice flower print summer dress. The door greeter smiled at me, The new me didn't have to hide. Inside the cool store, I did my purchases then walked around looking at specials. I did not mind to be seen, I enjoyed it actually. A chat here, a remark there, I was in good company.

So you guys out there, this healthy eating is really changing our lives. We look good, we feel fit and are fit, we can walk and dance around no sweat, we can now enjoy things we used to do years ago and most importantly we are happy. You see, with a good way of eating we beat negativity, crankiness and defensive and aggressive behaviour. Some diets may bring the worse in people but our new way of eating does not. So from what I can gather, we are on a winner. Thank you NHS. 👍 And thank you NHS for this forum. 👏👏👏

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What a fab post don't know where you live but here it's sunny but 5 degrees !!

I sat back closed my eyes and shared your fab day😎

Me and the dog are just in from our morning walk , freezing frosty grass but still enjoyable😃

I agree with all you say this is not a 'diet' we are on but a life plan. Some days it will go well, other days we'll fall a bit because we are human and emotions will always affect our choices in anything.

Life is ours to live the best way we can and you have said it so well😃

Thank you for sharing such a moment



Thanks so much NHS for encouraging me that when I will get all my weight off it will sty off and not like the previous times I lost very quickly and put it back on so quickly. The truth is all the other times I just ate very unhealthy living off crisps and that stuff but you are so right this time as I am eating healthier it will stay off. It i a change for life plus walking everywhere no more asking my hubby to drive me and if I use a bus but not 3 like I used to. I am so lad to hear that you stayed like this so if you can than hopefully I will.


I love this post! Just the change in your attitude that you write about I think will help people see there is light at the end of the tunnel for all of us who will sincerely give it our best to be healthier people!


love ur post! it was very sunny today for me too (when it wasn't snowing) and I loved that I could now fit into my old waterproofs and could easily walk over rough terrain - and caught some sunburn from the snow :) 0 degrees tho


Such a lovely cheerful post 😊 We can feel your happiness 😊 Brightened up a very cold bleak say here, thank you 😊😊😊


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