Loosing weight without calorie counting?

Hi guys, is it possible to successfully loose the weight and keep it off? I tend to count calories and then take it too far and become obsessed with it, i will try eat as little as i can and i don't want to be like this, i want the kids to grow up with a healthy relationship to food.

My question is, is it realistic to be able to loose and maintain a healthy weight without going near calorie counting techniques?


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  • Hi,

    I would say it is possible to maintain your weight without calorie counting as I am sure many many people do.

    I don't really count calories and have been losing weight but have a lot to lose so I don't expect to be able to do that long term - I expect to need to be more careful as I get lighter.

    When I first started I worked out all the calories in the meals I eat. I made a few changes to those meals to help reduce calories and now pretty much stick to the same meals. I think most people eat the same foods week to week so if you do this and plan in advance you may find you don't have to obsessively calorie count. Why not give it a try and see how you get on. :)

  • Thankyou so much i'll give it a try

  • Hello storm4mozza. I did it the same way as sueper and I thing it is the bast way. I am sticking now to my meals and it really works for me. At the beginning I was drinking also Tibetan herbs for slimming and they helped me a lot but I had a huge overweight and I needed some weight loss booster. All the best for you.

  • Hi again Storm4mozza,

    I think Sueper has given you an excellent answer to your query.

    I would like to give you the following link that might also be beneficial:


    Wishing you a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thankyou so much Lowcal have a great weekend

  • Hi

    I think with a little planning it would definitely be possible.

    As Sueper already said, we tend to repeat meals, and once worked out, it would be was to roughly work out what you can eat 😊

    For example, I cook many meals from the hairy dieters cookbooks. They are all low, and the family wouldn't even know as they are so tasty.

    So my muesli for breakfast I weigh on a Sunday night into portion pots for the week, my salads are all roughly 400-450 calories.

    I know I can have healthy snacks in between and my dinners are usually okay.

    My downfall are times when I don't eat enough and I get cravings, which is where mfp helps me, but if I didn't have it, I could do it without.

    Make yourself a 'rough' list of foods ( e.g. handful of pasta, 1 apple, 1 banana, etc)

    and you should be able to 'learn' sensible amounts.

    Have a side salad with dinner to add bulk.

    Give it a go, you might really surprise yourself in a positive way 😊

  • Ty so much u r making me feel so much more confident

  • Using portions to estimate calories may allow you to be more flexible bhf.org.uk/publications/hea...

    Personally I eat full-fat whole-foods watching the portion size, not low-fat.

  • This is similar to the plan I follow, food broken down into "helpings" or portions, then I just count up roughly in my head, 😊 I agree with you , it's important not to get obsessed by food, and have a healthy attitude towards eating 😊

  • Hi - Good question, I totally relate to the "getting obsessed" thing as I've done that in the past. I started here last Sept and was quite scrupulous about calorie counting on My Fitness Pal on my phone for some weeks, since then I've kind of relaxed into it all and I've actually been having a nice life (and coincidentally gently losing weight without obsessing... I've lost nearly 1 and a half stone now, half to go ... but might keep going perhaps?!). I'm not calorie counting any more, and I don't lose weight every week, but I rarely put it on, and the trajectory is a definite downwards - my nearest and dearest only have a dim recollection that I'm dieting as I eat the same as them every evening and usually eat normally but healthily - so as an experienced dieter you can imagine that I couldn't do that whilst obsessively calorie counting.

    As Sueper says, you quickly get an idea about the calories in most things you eat, and there are always occasions where you have absolutely no control or idea about the calories so you just have to take a wild guess at what the healthy option on the menu is and then hope it doesn't come slathered in something extravagant!).

    So on the whole, I am now pretty miserly on the eating front when I'm on my own, I eat very small meals when I'm not particularly hungry and not with people (ie work lunch is usually soup and fruit), and bigger meals when I'm chilling out with the family / guests and I just skip the spuds / pudding etc. Always have a glass of wine though!!

    It's working for me, but it's not rapid weight loss - again I'm happy with that as I know I can rebound so quickly after obsessive calorie counting and would LOVE to avoid that this time round. I was idly thinking today how nice it would be if I'd lost another half stone by the autumn... crazily unambitious but very maintainable and achievable whilst (I hope) still being nice to be with! It's a work in progress, but like you I am trying to find a different way to do this so that I can achieve weight maintenance in the future. I've asked a lot of questions on here from the maintainers and I'm sure you'll get some other useful responses - I'm not there yet, but I've kind of decided that the way to do this has to be slow and steady, I just religiously weigh in here every Monday, and then give the week ahead my best shot but accept that "stuff happens".

    Enough of my ramblings - not sure any of that's relevant to you, so ignore it if it's not! I hope you too find a way to do what you need to do without agony. Good luck!


  • Definitely. I lost 8 stones and have been maintaining for the last 5 months and never counted a calorie. We all know what's good and what's bad and portion size.

  • Just to add a little more, my slight obsession is with the scales. Weigh every day and if I have gained I am a little stricter with myself for the next day or so. I really believe this allows me to be in control over what I eat and my weight.

  • Hi

    I get bored counting calories so I have stopped doing it - am keeping to low sugar diet using the Change for life sugar smart app . Just eating sensibly with one meal "off" per week and have lost 5lb in 3 weeks

  • Thank you to everyone who replied, i will definitely take all of these points into consideration and hopefully i will learn quickly and join you all, ty so much for all the support!!

  • I'm the same as you, so I'm interested to hear the replys.

  • I think you have 2 options. One is to eat anything, but use kcal counting to limit your portion sizes. The second is to eat from a limited range of very healthy low fat, low sugar foods and not limit your portion sizes, but eat till you are moderately full. I do try the second occasionally, but always end up back on the first by the end of the day, as limiting the range is just too limiting most of the time.

  • ty so much x

  • At one time I was sticking to a more natural "no processed foods" style of eating - only eating foods that come out of the ground, off a tree or from animal & fish - this means no cakes, crisps, man-made desserts & sweets. Unlimited fruit, veg, meat and fish cooked from scratch. It worked for a while, but I slipped a bit when life got busy, so have now returned to calorie counting using an online App, to keep me on the straight and narrow!

  • ty so much x

  • That's a pity DartmoorDumpling; the benefits of the former outweigh any weight-loss achieved from the latter.

  • Once we reach our target, everyone then has to find their own way to maintain . But the sheer fact that SO MANY people put the weight back on just goes to show how difficult it can be ... maintenance is a science in itself!

    I lost my spare 2st and now have more or less maintained since April 2015, but its not easy. I tend to eat what I like, and I eat out and drink quite often, but I still log on to myfitnesspal once a week for a quick reckoner, and to touch base with my fellow MFP pals . I weigh myself every 7-10 days. It is natural for weight to fluctuate by a couple of pounds as nobody stays exactly the same every day. So I allow myself a 4 lb range and if I creep to the top of that range, I calorie count for a week to get it off again.

    The most important thing is, however you go about it, keep an eye on your weight or waist measurement and only allow yourself a small leeway before taking action!

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