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Help pre gallbladder op diet

Hello, my daughter (31yr old) has to have 2 operations.

1. To remove a gallstone from her bileduct, it is so big they could not remove it and had to put a stent in to help relieve the pain from spasms.

2. 6 wks after that her gallstone removed.

Has to go on a low fat no processed food diet easy or so you would think. But no she still thinks that eating birds eye box chicken bbq flavours for example. We have explained no pain due to the stent. Yet she thinks low fat steak mince from a butchers is bad I mean very small amount. Depending on the state of the gallbladder due to diet it could mean keyhole surgery (2 wks off work) or open surgery (8 wks of work)

Any idea's on how I can convince her to stop eating this rubbish.


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What does her doctor and the surgeon recommend? I would suggest she listen to them rather than some strangers off the internet, lol!

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The surgeon and dietian have talked to her but they said chicken so according to daughter that means any type. Children eh so frustrating.


I don't know about the stent but I had a polyp in my gall bladder which created pain like a stone. I had to be fat free or the pain was excruciating. If she can eat fat without pain I am surprised. Low fat meat of any sort was ok. Boiled veg and rice/pasta but no rich sauces or fats. No fried or battered foods.


I suppose at 31years old, she is old enough to be able to make her own decisions.

I must admit that when I was suffering with my gallbladder, my appetite was all over the place and I wasn't all that sensible either.

The stress of trying to avoid the foods that would set off an attack (in my case it was things like vegetables, beans, red meat, dairy, etc) did have me reaching for inappropriate foods at times and I was very obese when I got the surgery. Luckily keyhole worked fine for me and I recovered quickly.

I hope she gets the surgery soon and feels much better and don't you worry too much, it is a fairly routine op, being a mum never stops, no matter how old our kids are, I know!


Yes she needs to be as fat free as possible.


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