started exercise :)

Dont kno if anyone can help havent done exercise for two months and have done three swimming sessions this week each one about an hour, woke up feeling really tired this morning with a bad headache i cant seem to shake off, do u think this is my body just adapting to the exercises have decided not to do any cardio today because honestly felt so tired so just did an upper body section of a dvd but i guess it just takes time to adjust? Anyone felt like this when they started to exercise? xxx


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  • Hi. You're getting enough water and sleep recovering after the sessions?

    I'm running again after a similar break and I am super tired too. Eating better is helping though. Are you eating enough calories to do the exersize?

    Don't give up though.

  • Hi claude yes I love water and drink a lot of it but been going to bed at 1-2am in the morning and getting up about 9am do you think that is enough sleep? aww well done on your running that is brilliant, I am finding I am eating a lot better too, yes sticking to 1,400 a day do you think that is enough? I normally will have porridge with fruit a salad for lunch and for tea veg casserole. Its reassuring to hear you are tired to though! thanks for your reply :)


  • When I first started exercising I used to fall asleep all the time and had lots of headaches and wandering aches and pains. That phase wore off after about three weeks. Nine months later I haven't really had a thing so I hope it works out for you.

  • I think you have to e excise to suit you. The nhs recommend 150 minutes a week. So you can leave gaps in between. Some people just love exercise and do it every day. I am not like that. I have just had 10 days without much at all because I was ill. I usually go to the gym for 1 hour 3 times a week and a long swim once a week.

  • Bad headaches are sometimes down to dehydration. we have to drink lots after exercising. I am very bad at this, but if I forget, the headache follows as night follows day. Just a thought.

  • I find swimming especially gives me headaches if I dont neck a load of water after also I always have a healthy snack after swimming an hour session will burn a lot of calories! Some people get head aches from the chlorine too so take extra long showers to shampoo it all out!! Well done you though! I can only swim 5 mins at a time at moment due to my knees :( but I top it up with sauna which helps me sleep

  • The headache may be caused by the weather changes.

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