Hello :)

Just thought I'd ask people what if anything people are giving up for lent? this year I've decided to give up chocolate sweets cakes etc

Minus!! A piece of cake on my fiancés birthday and an ice cream when I go on holiday to the lakes!!

This is gonna be a hard one cos I have such a. Sweet tooth but we shall see

I also plan on deciding on an activity so I can do my diamond dofe challenge and give something back to the community too!!

Anyone else giving anything up?


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22 Replies

  • Chocolate, cake, cheese and crisps!

  • Oh my days! Is there anything left to eat?! Haha

    Well good luck!! I bet that Easter egg on Easter Sunday will taste even better than normal!

  • My sanity

  • That would suggest you had some to give up, Scooba ? ;-)

  • I was expecting a comment like that from moreless. Now you're all ganging up on me haha

  • moreless is probably feeling a little slow today after her 'tumble' (snigger, snigger) yesterday - so I got in first ! :-)

  • I was actually very kindly giving you a head start, as I know you're a bit slow on the uptake! :D

  • Now you know you gave up your sanity the day you recommended that naff peddy to me, Steve! :D

  • I think it was you that gave up sanity when it arrived!

  • Can you blame me, after such poor advice! :o

  • Had my last roll up at 11:45am yesterday and threw the rest of the pouch away. Had a craving first thing in the morning and was going to buy more baccy with the newspaper from corner shop but had the courage not to. Came home, did some press ups and some low intensity weight training with a 8kg dumbbell and 14 minutes on the cross trainer. Plan on giving up for life not just for lent though! Winning :)

  • I have decided not to give anything up, but I will be taking up a new challenge - the Hundred Pushups Challenge: hundredpushups.com/index.html

    I can't even do one at the moment and I certainly want to improve that by Easter.

  • I am still working on the 100 push-ups challenge...............

  • My hubby and I are giving up sweets - we have developed a bad habit of eating Maoams at the weekend - weird considering that one of the things that got us started in the first place was reducing our sugar.

    Hubby has also challenged me to reduce my mayo intake. I have it with nearly everything including pizza! So I am going to eat much less of it - hopefully.

  • Hello Wood05,

    It's good to know you will be observing Lent, it's something my family always do even the children give up something they really enjoy. Of course it should also be a time of reflection so a good time to look back, reassess and to change old habits. Good luck to you.

  • Hi Wood05,

    Wishing you and everyone else who is planning to give something up for Lent every success. I have given things up for Lent in previous years, but I somehow haven't managed to decide on something for this year, hence I've not actually pledged to give anything up so far. I know Lent has already started, but I might have a think about it, and also look further at everyone's suggestions, to see if I can make a decision! :-)

    I'm obviously having a bit of an indecisive week!

    Good luck with your plans.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I've given up chocolate,biscuits and cake to help me lose half a stone.its day 2 its a struggle but im not giving up


  • I've put all our chocoaltes in the house in a bag and hidden them from me and the other half- make it harder to just tuck into!!

    this is going to take a lot of self control

  • I love my nuts and seeds, especially cashews, almonds, and pumpkin seeds I usually have them in my porridge for breakfast; it keeps me going and prevents me from eating between meals. I find if I am really hungry a handful of nuts does the trick if I'm stuck on a train and can't get home. So I have given them up for lent, its gonna be a tough 40 days lol!!!

  • Cheese & im drooling just thinking about it / crisps / chocolate .they are not to hard but the cheese ! 🙏🏻

  • red wine. I'll just drink the white.:-)

  • I've given up chocolate, and sugar/syrups in my coffee. It's been a shock to the system but I'm battling to keep on track!

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