Feeling sorry for myself!

Been a bit ill recentaly, on 3 different types of tablets as the docs dont know whats wrong with me yet :/ until I have some scans at the end of the month! But im really off my food atm, im only eating because I have to. I have no appitite, I wish I could eat properly again. So im only racking up between 700-800 cals a day. Even though im on so little I havent lost any weight because Ive been on my 'womans week' for over 20 days now, so bloated and swollen stomache! And now im not allowed to exercise for a week because of a new course of tablets. So im super fed up :( just thought I would share!


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5 Replies

  • Oh what an awful time 😞 I really hope things pick up for you soon.

  • Sounds awful. But look on the bright side. If you're retaining fluid, that'll eventually disappear quickly and you'll get a nice surprise when you step on the scales! ☺

  • Thats will cheer me up! Thank you :)

  • Have a couple of virtual hugs! You must be feeling really miserable. But you're still logging your food? That is impressive. Once you are feeling a bit better, you can start getting back to normal. Don't fret. All this good behaviour will be rewarded at some time in the future.

  • Thank you, much needed virtual hugs! Lol! :)

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