Slip up

For the past few weeks I have been trying to be really good, food and exercise wise. I stopped eating or drinking anything unhealthy so no crisps, chocolate, sweets, no hot chocolates, no wine etc. I also got back into going to the gym, trying to go at least 3 times a week. So far I have only lost about half a stone but my willpower is fading and today I had a complete slip up and ate a load of chocolate. But afterwards I sat there completely regretting it, feeling guilty. Seems to be a cycle that's pretty hard to break. Any advice?


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4 Replies

  • Aint that funny i felt like blasting out today....on chocolate....weid that..must be cold weather making us hungry ...dont worry i had a blast on cheese ..a big slab so we both had a slip up...pick yourself back up...and get back to it...after all we are only humanxxxx ok hunx dont and me can do itxxx

  • You are doing so well!

    Put it behind you, tomorrow is another day and you can get straight back on it.

    Mini goals, baby steps and one day at a time. 😊

  • maybe you should allow yourself treats to stave off the rebellious part wanting to go mad on junk

    for instance I allow myself a hot choc made with options low call stuff I only fill the mug half way or 2/3rds or hot water as I find if its strong like that I dont need milk or sugar

    other days I allow myself one bag of low cal crisps or 5 choc buttons - theses are all roughly 100cals or less and give me a little bit of what I want so that I don't go mental with the cravings on another day

    ive seen that others allow themselves a treat every couple of days or once a week so they can save up or stave off the cravings as they know they can have their treat soon

  • Don't cut out completely, cut out gradually. Or set yourself conditions- 2 squares of dark chocolate (milk chocolate is pure sugar) only after an hour's workout at the gym.

    Red wine is good for you, a glass or two a day is excellent for the heart and circulation. Try to savour it with you dinner, reallt enjoy the intermingling of flavours and I'm sure you won't overdo it!

    Otherwise, sheesh we all have off days, i'm on my 8th!! Well done for posting this, now you'll pick yourself off and keep going and be all the stronger for it! Courage!

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