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Slow but sure

Hi everyone I weighed in this morning and have lost 2lb 2oz this is actually over two weeks as I didn't lose last week. I am still staying positive even though it's slow I only have about half a stone to lose now and I this last bit seems to be tougher to shift. My bmi is now in the healthy range but by waist to hip ratio I am not so am going to have to find some exercises to work on my waist 🏂

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Well done Irmagee, to lose at a rate of 1lb a week when you are so near to your target is brilliant! And the fact you are now worrying about your waist to hip measurement says it all. :-) Also great to hear you have now entered the healthy range too, great work and keep it up! John


Well done to you! The last half stone is tough , I managed mine eventually and been in maintainance for 10 months , but I do fluctuate by -1 to +3 lbs from month to month, which seems to be normal for maintenance ...

If Im honest, my ideal size would still be a few pounds lighter still, but Im fairly happy here at Bmi 22.4 .

Good luck in the final furlong 😊😊


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