The advantages of being poorly

So as most of you know I have been a very poorly puppy for the last 2 weeks.

I have given up sugar and alcohol (although worried this may have been the reason for my illness, I didn't have my 'pickled protection'. ;-) LOL) .

First week of my illness I hardly ate a mouthful, the second week I have got my appetite back. Being off work, I have had time to really concentrate, think about what I put in and how my body feels. (Normally I rush about in a mild state of stress with little time to think about such things.) has been an interesting journey. Firstly, yesterday I had no fruit in the house. So I ate a yellow pepper - woweee! It tasted so sweet. I had some with my main lunch bit and ate the remainder as pudding and really, really enjoyed it.

I also pledged to not snack after my dinner. Have dinner - nothing more. So I had no snacks at all yesterday and had light, healthy lunch and dinner.

I am becoming aware of how little the body actually needs. I compare this to my 'Janet the gannet' style of eating. Even when eating healthily, I have had huge portions, and as I reflect, I think maybe in fear of being hungry.

I am becoming aware of how much my body and taste buds are starting to enjoy simple fruit, veg and protein. I have loved them before but I feel probably more out of necessity?

I also survived with no evening snacks. Of this I am very proud. I therefore, as I type have not eaten since 6pm yesterday. I intend to go to 10.00 and make it a 16 hour fast. (I would like 16 hours one day to be the norm.) When in work I often manage to fast from about 9pm to 11am. So maybe next week I can try 7pm to 11am - this would have seemed huge 2 weeks ago, but I am feeling confident.

My illness has therefore allowed me to step back and focus. Every cloud!

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  • On Trust me I'm a doctor they got a group to have their dinner slightly earlier and have breakfast next day slightly later with no snacking in between and they all lost weight without changing what they were eating the rest of the time.

  • Was that on one this season? I would like to watch that.

    Very interesting.

    I did see on one of Moseley's shows that a 16 hour fast each day could be as effective as the 5:2.

    Very interesting indeed! Thanks for that.

  • I think it was last weeks. It been on every Wednesday - very interesting programme focussing mainly on diet and exercise.

    One week they found that women burn more fat if they eat before a workout where men burn more on an empty stomach!

  • I found it! I had recorded it. Well very interesting! Thanks for telling me about it.

    I try to fast for 16 hours and never quite manage it but will keep trying.

    I note that my milk would have indeed counted as the group has no calories at all after 6. So just water then. 😖

  • Hi asics,

    Sounds like you are on to a winning plan !! 😃 That's really great 😃

    I'm also struggling with this dreaded ' lurgy' but my appetite is still poor and I'm just grazing but even that tastes funny so enjoy all your fresh experiences!!


  • Thank you!

    Hope the lurgy leaves you soon!

  • "Janet the gannet" was my nickname as a youngster and teenager (and before the children were born). I used to be a real stick-insect with a huge appetite. Made me laugh to read it in your post!

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