On and Off the Scale win!

So I've finally lost 2 stone, went to the drs the other day and updated my weight from the last time I got weight (in October) the Doctor nearly fell off his chair!! haha I'm super proud (although would like another stone to go)

off the scale losses-

Waist- 3inch off

Thigh 2 inch off EACH thigh

Bottom!- 4 inch

and I'm eating smaller portions and my cardio is getting so much better- at physio for my knee I am moving up a class to intermediate which I am so proud about!!

My physio even told me off cos my bottom had disapeared in my pants I've lost that much weight! haha

I'm trying to be positive as my weight loss has currently plateaued! but this shows I can indeed do it!!

Just hope with all these inches dropping id manage to drop another dress size!! haha


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20 Replies

  • Hi Wood05,

    Wow, that is fantastic! Congratulations on losing 2 stones, and it's great that you nearly caused your doctor to fall off his chair, as it shows how bowled over he was about your success. That is really great. :-)

    All those inches off your body measurements too - that is brilliant! :-)

    Definitely keep positive, as you've achieved so much, and you can definitely do it. You'll soon get over this plateau - it's normal to plateau now and then, but you'll get through it if you keep going with a positive attitude.

    Here's to you dropping another dress size very soon!

    Really inspiring post.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Wow you lost 2 stones since October that is fantastic! You are quicker than me! :) I guess you have been more careful than me. You should be over the moon! You are a star! You deserve a gold medal! I bet you got tons of compliments. Good for you! Keep going only 1 stone left! You can do it! :)

  • Woohoo Wood, what a result! WTG you! :)

    Keep up the good work, onward and downward :)

  • Love "onward and downward"!! which has now become my motto.

  • I'm with you there I have a stone to go and have lost 2st 4.5 lb on week 12 now, currently at 11st 6.5 lb, we can do this!.

    my target is 11st for easter sun and

    10.st 7lb by my late dads birthday may 24th

    Am seeing my nurse today. My knee is so much better after having 3 steroid injections, arthroscopy and 3 different physios, losing weight has improved so many things for me. Good luck with the next target x

  • its weird- the more people comment the more you think why didnt you tell me what I looked like before!! haha

    I am feeling amazing and body confident although still a few bits I want to get off

    I have my first dress fitting in 4 weeks so I want to get to a weight and stick at it as I dont want to mess the shop around-- I might even ask them not to alter the dress after this fitting and wait until closer to the time! Its just all too exciting!!

    thank you for the lovely comments and the motivation from you all since the start of my journey :)

  • Very well done, nice to shock a doc eh!

  • when he asked for me to get on the scales I dont think he'll have ever had anyone so happily hop on them! haha

  • Well done, Woody! Race you?! Actually, no, you're better at this than I am! ☺

  • Woweeeee!

    You star!

    Did you do a little victory dance both as you stepped off the scales and after the bottom comment at physio?

    If not i would like you to perfect one by the next stone. 😆

  • Very well done Wood!! What an achievement, very inspiring!!

  • well done and don't let the plateau get you down, happened to me last summer. I started comfort eating after my weight never moved for 3 months. Don't go there..

  • well done, inspiration to us all, i will try harder

  • Fantastic - well done! Hope you break through the plateau soon!

  • fantastic! well done!

  • It's only a scales plateau - you're obviously making great leaps losing inches and gaining fitness. Good luck for your next fitting, keeping to those portion sizes and moving up to the next level in your physio classes. Great news all round :)

  • Well done :-)

  • You've done really well in quite a short space of time. Dont get despondent if you plateau , for a few weeks even, just keep on going!

    The last stone is hardest to lose, be prepared for it to take a lot longer BUT the good news is that its more likely to STAY OFF . It took me nearly a year to shed my excess ( 2 st), but Ive managed to keep it all off for ten months now, and I live a totally normal life ( just eat/drink more carefully than i used to)

    Good luck, keep on trucking 😊

  • Well done on all your losses 😊

    That is amazing determination, keep at it 😊

  • well done you

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