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New month new goals

So January has been a meh kind of month for me. My weight has hovered around the 11 stone 7 mark. I know that I could have been doing more to lose weight and I still want to but motivation has been lacking.

So I'm taking a fresh approach with February. Yesterday I booked a holiday with friends to Barcelona for the end of this month. It'll be far too cold for a bikini but I still want to look and feel my best so I'm going to try use this as fresh motivation and get down to 11 stone by the time we fly. I have 3 and a half weeks until we go so I know that is quite a big loss but I feel like I need a big goal or this weight will never go!

I'll write another update before I go to post how much I've managed to lose. I'll be focussing on my mindless eating in the evenings (a very bad habit I easily slip into) and my exercise.

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Good luck Rachel. January's always a tough month, my weight loss has been slow this month but the holiday will be a great motivator. Stay focussed on your goal and I know you'll do it! 🌻

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I also yo-yoed up and down in January. I lost a whole pound in the end - wow! But at least it was a loss and January is a horrible month. Soon our bodies won't be trying to lay down fat supplies for the winter, instead we'll be full of energy for spring. Barcelona is just right, the sun will do you good! Good luck on the weight loss!

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