Weight Loss NHS

Week 3

Last Week

Calories 11728 (1675/day)

Activity 402min (57/day)

Weight change -0.5lb

Waist change -2"

Getting fitter. According to my fitness friends I'm putting back the old muscles which weigh more than the lost fat. The fat coming off my waist is especially welcome, they reckon I have a lot of viseral fat to come off. It's all around my organs, so it's not the obvious flabby bits.

This week I'm determined to keep off the booze completely. Thirsty Thursday at work will be a challenge, but let's see what happens. Got a puncture on my bike today so ended up doing an extra 50 minutes walking. Every cloud has a silver lining!

2 Replies

It's so nice when you start seeing the difference! Well done you! 2" is amazing to lose round your waist :) an hour's exercise a day is brill - no wonder you are starting to see the benefits :) Hope you have a good week!


Got a shock at the Gym tonight. Set the speed on the running machine to 7.4 and found I was really struggling. I had to reduce it to 4.9 just to keep up. Turns out the machine I was on was in mph and the ones I had used prevously were set in kph.


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