Around the world in 80 days - please post kms/steps/miles for Monday 1 February (Part 1)

Around the world in 80 days - please post kms/steps/miles for Monday 1 February (Part 1)

Morning Travellers

What a crazy night we had in Hong Kong! We did Wogan proud with our numerous renditions of the Floral Dance. Far too many vodka jellies were consumed! :D :D

Thank goodness we are staying in the Mira hotel. You'll find me in the jacuzzi after I've had the sumptuous breakfast buffet. We are near Nathan Road, full of electronics shops. I think I might treat myself to Apple Watch and get Moreless a Fitbit!

The steamer won't be leaving until 8pm this evening. Enjoy everything Hong Kong has to offer.

Happy Travels 😊😊😊

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  • Sorry it's late had two busy days at work. Saturday I covered

    8.73 km

    And Sunday 9.53km.

  • Ooooh! Those numbers were worth waiting for Angie :)

  • 7km for me this morning. lost 9lbs in my first 4 weeks so completely inspired to do even better in feb. thanks to all of you running this site it is really lifting me out of a bad place


  • Great distance & loss - well done :)

  • I can't tell you how pleased I am to hear you say that Linda :)

    You're doing a sterling job :)

  • Hi Linda, have you done anything since monday? :)

  • Good morning.

    5.1km for me so far today - I have the week off work so hoping to do a bit better than normal :)

    May even pop out again this pm.

  • Oooh Sueper! WTG you! :)

  • Oh well, I might grab a laptop if one of our group would like to help me choose the right one? Thanks.

    Monday 2.5kms

  • Ooh, that's very progressive of you qd, but there's no point coming to me for technical guidance, it would be like the blind leading the blind! :D

    Great K's :)

  • I'd recommend something but i'd be afraid of it turning out like moreless' pedometer incident..


  • Hi Queenie. I'd advise researching online first and then try to pick something up from Argos. If you go to PC World they'll blind you with science and try to convince you you need allsorts that you don't.

    Make sure you steer clear of the mini laptops as they are very slow. About Β£300 should get you a reasonable one.

  • Thanks Sueper, I'm in Australia so we don't have Argos but yes I do need to research online and determine my requirements. I want it for travelling because I don't have a modern mobile and when we're away from home I can't access all the info I need. I've seen some here for about $400 which I reckon is a good price...Maybe I'd better just start somewhere, I don't mind appearing thick where technolology is concerned (can't help it, I am!) and the staff are usually very helpful with us old dears :)

  • Just making clear you're doing some research and not buying at first and hopefully they won't try to pressure you into buying stuff you don't need. It seems in the UK they are determined to push all sorts of things on you that you don't need.

    Enjoy your retail therapy :)

  • Great progress everyone, keep up belting out those Kms!

    Today is a rest day (or "active recovery" in gym speak), so I just did short stints on the treadmill, cross-trainer and bike, not going to attempt a walk outside as Hurricane Harold is a bit too blowy for me.

    My Kms for today are 8.61

  • We're trying LtL! :)

    I shall have to remember that phrase on days that I just want to slob out. I'm in "active recovery", or are there inactive recovery days? :D

    Great number! :)

  • Hehe, slobbing out days are just "recovery", LOL!

  • Oh right, it's important I get the right terminology :D

  • Another 2.1km for me (walking off the holiday fry up!). That will be it for today though - I am off to sort out my natural highlights with the help of Schwarzkopf!

  • Woohoo! That's super Sueper ;)

    Pity Schwarzkopf haven't got something to bring out my natural slimness :D

  • Hi Lizzy, Moreless & Everyone,

    Today I went to the gym, and here are my kms:

    Running (treadmill): 3 kms

    Cross-trainer: 3 kms

    Bike: 10 kms.

    Walking: 1.5 kms.

    Total = 17.5 kms.

    Wishing everyone a great day! Loving this Adventure! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Oh my word Lowcal! You did all that in an hour??!! WTG you! :)

  • Not the walking bit Moreless, but the other bits - yes. Although I think it was just over an hour. :-)

  • Are you Superwoman? ;)

  • lol - I know I'm not Superwoman, but I appreciate you thinking I might be. :-) I think you are Superwoman yourself. :-)

  • Hardly! My K's are spread throughout the day. I wouldn't manage them all at once! :o

  • Not well today so it is 0 km and lemsip for me today. Hopefully I will catch up tomorrow

  • Oh no Aqua! another one bites the dust! Get well soon, my friend :o

  • Oh dear, so feel for you, I'm just starting to get over mine. Get well soon , Aqua 😊

  • 6km today

  • Well done Steve! :)

  • Evening all :-) Hong Kong is lovely and I have stocked up on a range of holiday purchases - hopefully my luggage won't weigh down the rest of the trip !!

    My totals for today are 7.4k run and 5.2k walk = 12.6k total.

    It strikes me that we might be needing some extra kms for this trip, so Mr Lucca has kindly offered to donate his kms to the trip as well, if you'd like them ? He is nursing a calf strain so has decided to 'keep me company' on some of my runs when he can as I run slow enough for him to recover from his injury - cheeky git...

    Anyway, he has done the same as me for today, if you'd like to set him up a line on your spreadsheet :-)

  • p.s. don't mention Ricky to him... ;-)

  • Woohoo! Team Lucca! WTG! :D

    Mum's the word about Ricky............................Ricky? Who's Ricky? :D

    I think Mr L has to join the site, as have the other others, but I'll check that with Lizzy :)

  • I've spoken to Lizzy and it's Mr L's choice whether he joins the site or not :)

  • If he joins the site he'll see Lucca's posts.......

  • There is that concern ;)

  • 8,944 steps so far today - it's amazing what you do whilst at work! I'm loving the fitbit dashboard and have spent the day checking against my uber fit male colleague (who has an extremely expensive watch that does everything but make tea) and I beat him with number of steps! He's gutted - hahaha.

  • Love it Saga! You show these flash young things who's the boss! :)

    That's a great number of steps :)

  • Evening Everyone, Getting ready for the Steamer, great visit to HK. My kms for the 1st/2/16 are 2.33. Have a great evening to all.

  • That's great Marianne :)

  • Sorry can't find session 2.

    My km for today are 4.5. I guess it is a start. Finally I got myself a pedometer and I figured how to use it.

  • Woohoo bd! WTG you! Welcome aboard! :)

  • 13km

  • Fab numer K_o_g! :)

  • Very good :-). Loving Hong Kong

    1.5k for me today.....

  • Great stuff Suzy :)

  • Have 14.1 km to report today. A good run in the morning and the rest scattered over the day. Off for a bit of retail therapy in Hong Kong now.

  • You deserve it JC! Great number! :)

  • 7.29 kms for me today 😊

  • Well done Beryl :)

  • Happy Monday everyone!

    My Km's look like this:

    Total: 21

    1km warm up on the cross stepper.

    20km in a 30 min spin class.

    Also lost 4.4lbs last week! That's pretty much 2 1/2 stone since August. Happy days!

  • Woohoo Geza, life's looking pretty rosy for you at the mo :)

    Great K's, but I have a feeling you have some missing for last week :)

  • I didn't do anything on Thursday and Sunday. Apart from that I think I put al my other k's down.

  • That's great, it was sunday's we needed :)

  • Cool. Sorry, was a rest day for me, which means doing sweet FA!

  • I could do with one of those days! :D

  • Ideally I'd like 365 of them in a row! Still, generally keep Thursday and Sunday as my rest days. So if I haven't posted anything on those days it's for that reason.

  • hahaha great idea! :)

    That's good to know, thanks :)

  • Hi everyone,

    I can't remember if I posted Saturday & Sunday (brain fog) but done 2.1km sat and 2.7km Sunday.

    Today (mon 1st) 9.1km think being blown round the park helped. Luckily we didn't fall in the pond, lol

  • Well done Ruth and that was a fantastic number today, despite the gale! :)

  • Sorry I have missed some days, on my way to Austria tomorrow !!!

    Friday was 3.82 km

    Saturday was 3.55 km

    Sunday was 3.67 km

    Monday was traveling day so more driving than walking 2.3 Km

    I will try to keep up to date and my aim is still to walk MORE!

  • Fantastic Britdiane! :)

    Will you be posting from Austria? Have a fab time :)

  • Of course I will x

  • Thank you :)

  • Evening all 😊

    5.2 km from me - around the house. Not sure how as I haven't really been able to do much, but I won't grumble πŸ˜‰

  • Do you live in a mansion Elissy??!! :) Are you improving at all?

  • Hahaha, wishful thinking 😁

    No, it's an old house, and the hall is long with a galley kitchen at the end. Between that and going upstairs I can clock up a good distance πŸ˜‰

    Feeling better but still no energy and an awful cough. But on the way to getting there 😊 thank you for asking 😊

  • Thank goodness you're on the mend, it's been a tough time for you.

  • 10466 steps for Monday, off for an early night β˜€οΈ

  • Loadsa steps Fran, are you feeling better? :)

  • Hi Moreless, yes feeling a lot better thanks, but the virus has really sapped my energy and I'm having to build up slowly, this seems to be the case for all my friends who have had it as well its a nasty one !!

  • It's exactly the same symptoms that the other travellers are experiencing! It seems to be a particularly nasty bug! :(

    Just you take care of yourself.

  • Hi all

    Sunday - 6.2 km

    Monday - 10.6 km

    Nic πŸ˜€

  • Well done Nic, great numbers :)

  • Hi and good evening :-) it's nice to be able to relax at this time of the evening which I am enjoying more and more. I need to make sure I continue this trend :-) I like the sound of soaking in a nice hot jacuzzi, I would like a nice glass of Merlot and lot's of bubbles :-)

    Today has been another busy one and I found time to run 9 kms and walk 6.2 kms plus I have done 30 mins of weights and strength training today. It's been hectic to say the least as part of my workout today was done in the kitchen whilst preparing dinner LOL jumping jacks, lunges, press-ups all whilst waiting for the rice to cook and the chilli to simmer, well the way I see it is there's no point standing around when you can be active whilst doing the dinner.

    Enjoy your travels everyone I know I am :-)

  • You never cease to amaze me T1 :)

  • Wow jumping jacks while the chilli was simmering. Your kitchen must be bigger than mine!

  • It is a good size and it's a good length for doing lunges too :-) I really enjoyed the workout whilst cooking the dinner today :-)

  • I have 3 dogged ks to report - ran this morning before work. But it's blowing a gale out there and I'm feeling run down again this eve, catching an early night right now. If I miraculously wake up feeling well again I might brave the winds on my bike, but feeling a bit sorry for myself at the moment! Maybe a warming jacuzzi and warm Hong Kong hospitality would fix me. I can dream...

  • You did it Ruth! WTG you! :)

    If you're not feeling well, you shouldn't be pushing yourself, your health is much more important.

  • Evening Everyone

    A flying visit for me tonight, 4.4 km today. Sorry it's such a short message, I' ll check everyones progress tomorrow. Goodnight.

  • Well done mrsg :)

  • 9km for today

  • Great number prettylady :)

  • We need your K's for yesterday and today, prettylady :)

  • Evening all. A cold and soaking 10.1 kms for me today. Got absolutely drenched this morning, then the rain went off so I thought I'd walk on as I was soaked anyway. The dog was having none of it! So, although I managed my goal of 10k I had hoped for a bit more.

    On the plus side, the other half has stuck to his healthy eating well today....and not one single moan! Happy days πŸ˜‰

  • Great show of commitment Bu-dog and a great number :)

    You'll have your other half clocking up the K's for us soon :D

  • 11km for 1 Feb. makes up a bit for the 7km yesterday

  • Arghh - where does time go?? I really will try to post more often this week.

    Today i managed 7.2km (including 3.2 fast ones : ) )

    Last week i did a total of 21.3km, broken down into:

    Monday - 1.7

    Tuesday - 3

    Wednesday - 2

    Thursday - 4.6

    Friday - 2.4

    Saturday - 5.6

    Sunday - 2

  • Thanks Garfield :)

    By more often, do you mean every day? ;)

  • Yes : )

  • Hi all, still poorly but managed 9.1kms today - walked the dogs with my eyes shut at times cos the rain and hail was so vicious!! Ed did 18.6kms - 6.5k steps at work, 7k cross training, 5k steps in boxercise class.


  • Hi folks had to pull my finger out after my personal dismal performance yesterday 17km this morning at spin, this evening 15.5km and 20km in steps including Zumba and Zumba tone, so I am back on track

  • Monday = 3 km 😊

  • Hi everyone, Sunday-14.5 miles Monday 17.22 miles it's been along day with all this wind & rain but we have to keep moving.....πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘Ÿ

  • Have you got anything for tuesday and today Veronicaby? :)

  • Hi, Tuesday_14.74 miles today_13.12 miles

  • Fab numbers Veronicaby :)

  • Thank you, am going to put my feet up now...

  • Great idea :)

  • Hi all, I think I forgot to post Sunday's Kms too, going back to work hit me harder than I thought πŸ˜„

    Sunday = 6.4

    Monday = 6.1

    My plantar fasciitis has flared up again, probably in shock from going from a hot tub back to the couch to 5k program, lol. So I suspect I won't be doing as many Kms as I would like over the next few days waiting for that to calm down a bit.

  • Those were great K's lynalla :)

    Sorry to hear about the plantar fasciitis, have you managed to do any more K's yesterday and today?

  • Hi,

    Sorry moreless, rather distracted at the mo, need to add it as a task to my phone methinks!

    Tuesday = 7.3km

    Wednesday = 9.8km

  • That sounds like a great idea lynalla :)

    Great numbers! :)

  • Hi all

    9.92km for me on Monday. Hope you all have a good week.

  • I think Part 2 for yesterday is hiding as I can't find it, so posting on here instead :-)

    Yesterday 13012 steps or 10.2k. Monday tends to be a rest day for me, so quite pleased I still managed over 10000 steps.

  • Sunday; 2.25km jogging, 1.4km dog walking

  • 10951steps

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