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Re-motivated after small gain! :)

I went to my weigh-in group last Tuesday and it was the second week in a row that I had gained a pound! I felt absolutely gutted as I wasn't too sure where I was going wrong. My group leader suggested that I start writing EVERYTHING down again (like I did for the first 4 weeks) and so that's what I've been doing this week. I did not realised how many little extras I kept eating - no wonder I put weight on!

Luckily this week I've really put my all into thinking about what I eat and trying to eat fruit instead of a biscuit or other foods that should be kept to a minimum. I can already see and feel the difference again in a few days!

My weigh in is on Tuesday and I set a mini goal last Tuesday to try and loose 3 pounds this week which I am feeling pretty good about. I will try and remember to post the results on Tues night :)

Good luck to everyone on their healthy eating journeys :D x

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Don't try and post - post! 😀

I will look forward to hearing about your success!

Good luck!

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Thank you I'll set a weekly reminder on my phone so I don't have any excuses :)

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Good luck! Have you got a smartphone? There's a great app called myfitnesspal you can capture everything you eat on it and it calculates calories etc


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