9 days to log in!!!!

I have tried to log on for 9 days now and this is the first time I have actually made it to 'write a post' point. Hoping it submits once I have finished writing it. ATWI80Ds, here are my kilometres from the last 9 days, so sorry, hate to let folk down. Being part of the ARTWI80D is the main reason I haven't given up the forum, not wanting to let others down. Anyway ks ( from Wed last week). Wed 14, Thu 9, Fri 12, Sat 12, Sun 21.5, Mon12, Tue 6, Wed 9.5, Thu 15.5. Yet to complete todays obviously, but will attempt to post tomorrow. Again, apologies for not getting to add the ks daily.

Monday 1st February will ( hopefully) see me post my first weIgh in ( loss) of 2016, I am quite excited ( is that sad to admit?). It has taken superhuman effort not to stand on the scales all of January, so I am hoping that the news will be good when I do. My aim was 10lbs, but I will be happy with half of that truth be told, I just like to give myself an aim ( not a target, an aim- huge difference in the two words). Fingers crossed.

I am going to try and read/respond to some posts now, if I am successful - YAY, if not - I am rooting for all my forum buddies to be doing well in mind and body. 😘


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8 Replies

  • Waves at shelliel 🌷

  • Your determination massively comes through in this post Shellie! Hope you can post on Mon and hope it's a sizeable loss after being patient all month. Hope you keep on trying to log in as we love seeing you around on here :)

  • Yoooo-hooo, hello! I'd been getting "502 Bad Gateway" messages quite a few times, but persevered and got here eventually! Sounds like you are doing great on the kms, I can't wait to hopefully get a bit more active as I get lighter! Nice to see you, hope this reply posts lol! Oh, and good luck for your weigh in, I hope you get the results you are "aiming" for (good choice of word, I think I might adopt that myself if you don't mind!). :-)

  • Hi Shellie,

    You have shown great strength to keep off the scales for all of January, and I hope that you see the results you want on the scales on 1st February. That will be an exciting day - Looking forward to hearing how you get on. Good luck!

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • 9 days!! omg, I do admire your perseverance and determination to post😃

    Your kms are impressive too💐

    I bet you smash your weigh in! and do like your thinking, it's an 'aim', I do like that think I'll pinch it !! 😃

    Look forward to catching up on Monday


  • Thank you so much ShellieL- so great to see you back on the forum. The ATWI80Ds has missed you loads and we have been on a magical adventure- right now in Bali. Do you like Ricky Martin??

  • Shellie, I can't believe you're still having so many problems! :(

    Have you ever been able to get back in touch with the tech team? I had quite a lot of toing and froing with them before they accepted that the problem was with the site and not my browser! They assured me that they were doing everything they could to sort out the problems and that we'd be seeing the improvements by now.

    To my eyes, the only improvements so far, have been with the notifications and they're still not right!

    Many of us are still experiencing all sorts of strange glitches and unfortunately, it looks as if it may be a case of wait and see.

    If I feel that no progress is being made by next week, I shall get back onto the team and chivvy them along. I shan't rest until you and everyone else is back and up to speed :)

    Thanks so much for all your fantastic K's, they'll come in very useful and you certainly haven't let us down! :)

    I shall have everything crossed for you on the 1st Feb, I don't know how you've managed to stay away from the scales. I think I would have spontaneously combusted by now! :o

    Looking forward to having you back with us permanently :)

  • What a nightmare you've had Shellie.

    I have not been getting notifications so who knows how many people I have ignored this week! I did email admin and it seems to have been sorted for now.

    Good luck with your weigh-in, I hope you are more successful than me (1/4 lb).

    Have a great weekend :)

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