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Did anyone see this week's Trust me I'm a doctor? ( Apologies if I have missed a post on this!)

I watched it yesterday.They talked about when you weigh and how fluctuations of 0.5kg can happen for all sorts of reasons (most of which we all know).

They suggested weighing daily and calculating your average weight for the week. Or if you only weigh weekly, a monthly average.

My fitbit works out a weekly and monthly average and I have recorded these from last year in my book.

I do like this idea as it can be so frustrating when you have had a loss on say Saturday but not such a good loss or no loss at all on the Monday. It gives you another measure to show you are going in the right direction.

I have in the past fallen off the wagon, dispirited by my scales and lack of results. This additional measure may help keep me positive perky!


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9 Replies

  • I think anything that keeps you positive has to be a good thing and knowing, that the disappointing number on the scales that morning isn't a reflection of the general progress you're making, could mean the difference between sticking at it and going off the rails, is a major plus! :)

  • It's like the measurements isn't it.Good to see progress there if not on the scales. Good to know the trend is down!

    Have you lost every week on your journey moreless, or have you had any plateaus?"

  • I've had 17 losses, 1 maintain and 2 gains :D

  • Great work!! 😆 Pom poms are at the ready...!

  • Rah, rah, rah! :D

  • It's a good idea, if a bit more work. So much can influence your "snapshot" otherwise - e.g. whether you've been to the loo beforehand, or have your period (not my problem, happily ☺), if you ate a lot the night before, if you ate something the night before that makes you retain water, or if did something that makes your body work to repair itself, etc.

    Now that I've bought some proper scales, I'm going to give it a try, too.

  • My fitbit scales transmit to the dashboard app on phone / tablet and does all the averaging for me.

    But do give it a go would be interested in your feelings about it.

  • I tried it this week after seeing that and today have now sabotaged my diet. After a good day the next days weigh in was 2 pound heavier, today's was another 4!!! No idea where it has come from as yesterdays food wasn't much different to the day before.

    So no I do not like the idea of weighing everyday. I was feeling quite good when reading back my food diary this week only to feel totally betrayed by the dreaded scales!!!

  • Oh no! I am sure if you don't weigh daily that could be proper scary! If you don't weigh every day I would average your weigh monthly to get the same idea.

    However that is the point I suppose, these fluctuations are not always a good indication of what is happening to your weight over a week or month. Yet we can be influenced greatly by a single reading on one day. Yet if we average it (according to the frequency we already weigh) it gives us a trend rather than a snapshot.

    I have always weighed daily and you can get some big fluctuations for all sorts of reasons, some listed by flavourfiend above. So far my weight has been going down but I will certainly be cheered if I find when I plateau or gain, that my average has a downward trend.

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