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Just starting.... Am I on the right track?

Hi everyone. I've just started the NHS 12 week plan with the intention of trying to lose a bit of weight. I'm 33, 5'10" and 82kg 12st9 (or 78kg 12st3 depending which scales I use). I'm not what you would call 'fat' but I do have some extra weight around the belly that I have always had since a child and I'm determined to try and get down to around 75kg (11st 6). I am staying under 1900cals but not being massively picky about what I eat. I'm obviously not eating chocolate, crisps etc but I had a pork chop on Monday and tonight I had chicken curry (Aldi sauce in jar) which I'm led to believe can be included as 'everything in moderation'.... I'm also exercising 5 days a week, 30 mins running machine @ 8.5km/h on random which suggests im burning 450 kcal, then weights and 100 sit-ups for about 45 mins and finish with 30 min on the cross trainer which suggestes 300kcal burned, just keeping my heart rate between 120-130.

Can anyone help me in determining if this would be effective in achieving my goal? Should I be looking more closely at fat/sugar/carbs etc? I would like to reach my target by May.

Thank you for your help.

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Hi Didly....as long as your calories in are

less than your calories out then you should lose weight. I used to just count calories..any calories, but lately i have made an effort to eat proper calories...more fruit and veg, less sugar, more protein and better quality carbs...and i have to say i feel better. When you cook from scratch you seem to get more food for your calorie allowance if that makes sense.

It sounds as if you have the exercise nailed so im sure you will be successful...best of luck x


Hi Didly,

First of all, good effort. Looks like you've got a good balance of cardio/weight going on. Just be careful with so many sit ups, leg raises work just as well without all that pressure on your back and still strengthen core.

As for your diet, I cant really comment as you've only really mentioned 2 meals. Your right in what you've said about everything in moderation but if your eating badly no amount of work in the gym will show.

Here's a link for some ideas & hope it helps.


Good luck


Hi didly, I agree with what the first two replies say and I think you are set fair to achieve your target using the 12 week plan. I would only re-inforce that you should take more control of what you eat rather than rely on shop bought ready meals/sauces, prepare your own meals etc and write everything down, cut out the unhealthy snacks and fizzy drinks with added sugar, keep to the recommended calorie intake and read through the weekly activity sheets. Good luck :-) John


Hi all,

Thanks for your replies, some positive stuff there. Just to clarify, I don't eat microwave meals or that kind of thing. I make my own sauces most of the time and don't snack or drink fizzy pop. I do check the calorie content of everything I eat but should I pay similar attention to fat and sugar etc? Here is an idea of what I eat in a day;


2 eggs 1 slice brown toast with lurpak butter


50g whole meal porridge oats with 250ml semi skimmed milk

Mid morning

Belvita type cereal bar (because I'm always hungry between this point and lunch)


Tin soup and 3 plain ryvita


Pan fried chicken breast with onion and couscous or other protein/carb mix

Banana or Apple


Meat and veg/home made chilli and brown rice/Fishcake and veg/salad etc


Occasional "that's not what I should be eating" meal.

100g Greek yogurt

1 banana

Handful of wholemeal oats

Tsp honey

I am a maintenance man on a holiday park so I'm always moving about. ill give it 3 weeks and if no change I'll have to take a look. Cheers


There's a great picture showing people of equal weight and height but with different body fat and muscle. dietdatabase.com/body-weigh... The leanest looking amazingly slimmer than the one with more fat. With so little to lose, and exercising so much, you may find that your weight will not shift much and as your body fat reduces you get the new body you wanted. Scales are not always the best measure, use a tape or clothes as measurement as they are important too.

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Thanks amihungry, got some useful information out of that.. So much information out there, it's difficult to know what to do for the best.. But common sense recognises the 'less in, more out' way of doing things as a pretty good starting point.


I am a 5'10" woman who is moving from the top of my recommended BMI 12st3lbs to the middle 11st3lbs. I thought men were allowed to be slightly heavier than women, to take account of the fact that we naturally carry a higher percentage of fat. Wondering if you actually need to lose weight. Have you checked your ideal BMI on the NHS advice for healthy eating? I think your exercise sounds great. You might find that alone takes you to where you want to be. Most men flatten their tummies by giving up drinking pints! But you may not be doing that and so don't need change your behaviour there. I would only suggest swopping drinks, nothing too drastic! I once managed to go down 2 dress sizes in a month (4 inches round the waist). I was doing much of what you are in the gym but no cross trainer, instead I was using one of the rowing machines. I will always be convinced that was what did it. Incidentally, although I lost inches all over, going to the gym every day that month, I didn't lose any weight.


Hi venusflytrap, thanks for you comment. Yeah, I've since decided to reclassify my intention as 'loosing body fat' rather than 'loosing weight'. I don't mind being the weight I am, I just don't like the tyre around my waist! I'm not a big drinker anyway, although I do drink occasionally, which is fine. Last day of workout for week 1 tomorrow. Think I'm going to need to invest in a tape measure, as yourself and amihungry said before, I'm more likely to lose fat/size than weight so a tape measure would be the better indicator for progress.


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