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Hi all,

I found out that the Change4Life group created an app to tell you the sugar content in your food. I thought I'd mention it for anyone else who might find it useful. It's called Sugar Smart, you use it to scan the barcode on the packaging, and it will tell you how many grams. I've not given it a proper spin yet, but it seems to work on the few items I tried!

It says your GDA is only 30g, and I'm a bit confused because I always thought it was more?


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10 Replies

  • Hi Cooper27,

    I've seen the adverts for that app - I've not used it, but it sounds like a good idea. Are you finding it easy to use?

    I have heard the recommended amount of sugar per day shouldn't exceed 6 teaspoons, so I guess that equates to not more than 30g daily? I'm not very good at estimating equivalent amounts, so I'm not sure either, but I know the amount is quite small, and hence it's so easy to exceed it if people aren't vigilant to check out the amounts in different products etc.

    Hope you're enjoying your week so far.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Yes, it's very easy to use, definitely recommend it if your phone is suitable. I wasn't aware they were advertising it though, I'm very out of the loop!

    30 grams is quite low, this is why I was surprised, you could probably exceed it with a can of juice!

  • Hi Cooper

    The app does sound like a good idea. Recommended levels of sugar has been halved recently. Cutting down on processed foods seems to be a good idea.

  • I think I live in a bubble, as I completely missed this story...

    It's funny you mention processed foods, I did have a sad moment when I realised how little ready made food we have in the house to test the app on! So far I've used it on diluting juice and cheese.

  • I think it's very good that you have very little ready-made food in the house, not sad at all!

  • A teaspoon is about 5g I think so 6 teaspoons or sugar cubes would be about right. I known it is 6 cubes for children but all my reading at weekend suggested 3 cubes for children 6 for adults.

    I have used it with my daughter. It has been really helpful. When she realised she would have to give up some sweets she decided to swap coco pops for weetabix. Result! She doesn't have a weight problem at all but then neither did I til I left home for uni. I would like her to be more savvy.

  • That's really good! The amount of sugarry things they advertise for breakfast makes my blood boil, so it's good she has cut them out!

  • I know it is maddening isn't it?

    I have to add she cut them out because she realised that 6 sugar cubes was so little. There is almost 2 (with generous rounding up!) In a bowl of coco pops. She was mad that this reduced her ability to have puddings and sweets. Just 2 aldi haribo type fizzy sweets were one sugar cube. She knew she needed to cut somewhere!

  • Wow! Just 2 fizzy sweets?!? I nearly bought a bag of those for sharing earlier, but I'll remember that next time I'm eyeing them up.

  • I know! It's criminal 😊

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