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I've always loved walking. As a child I walked as fast as I could to school and didn't let myself be overtaken by anybody! At university I would walk to work off frustrations or work something out. I've moved around a bit in my life and have always explored the new areas on foot. As an adult I've mostly lived in large towns / cities and so have never needed a car (incredible really). And sometimes I think that has saved me from getting too obese. At least I always had to walk to the station to get to work, walk to the shops (and lug the stuff back), everything has to be done on foot. No excuses. It also makes it easier to build extra walking into my life in order to lose weight. Which I've done over the last year. And I still love it - and sometimes when I look around I am very grateful to my feet! (Still got fat though😂).

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I've always been exactly the same. Love to walk - until I hurt my knee skiing! Been seeing physio for 6 months. Now I have to ride bike because walking hurts too much. Enjoy pounding the paths for me.

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Thanks - will do! But cycling is good too - and you get a bit further!


I don't like to be overtaken either, I remember 27 years ago when I was pregnant latter stages people were always overtaking me, however I too got fat but I am okay now


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