Just for today, Wednesday

My pledge to be mindful on Monday was effective and I ended doing 13,000 steps simply because I was thinking more about moving and being active.

I had a bad day yesterday (and I didn't pledge either - link?) but it started so well. I was out, got to about midday and then hunger kicked in. I told myself I could ignore it and eat healthy but before I knew it I had some hot chips in my hands while I was starving!

Couldn't get to sleep last night and had nothing in the house as a snack so I ended up going to the supermarket down the road and getting chocolate.

@JaySeeSkinny made a comment in one of the pledge threads about being organised with snacks and its SO true.

Just for today I am going to make a list of healthy snacks, things I can keep in the cupboard for those tough moments, and go and stock up this afternoon.

I also am not letting yesterdays stumble affect me and am well on my way to 10,000 steps and healthy eating!

What's your promise to yourself...just for today?

And I would love to hear how you went on your previous pledge :)

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  • Great positive attitude Dave - address the problem and move on. I find having healthy snacks a real lifesaver. Good luck - but also enjoy - I find planning snacks to be quite a creative task - there's so many nice things you can have for 100cals or so. Just need to find a way to always have just one good snack available when you need it (not whole packs that can be worked through) - freezing things and regularly defrosting them one at a time works well for this I think...

    For Wednesday - my pledge will be to have an alcohol free day. I've already had one alcohol free day this week - (not just wine-free - no alcohol at all - not even a smidgen of cider). So I'm going to take a leap at trying to have another alcohol free day tomorrow (your today - i.e. Wednesday :) ).

  • You can do it Ruth!

  • I did it Asics :) hope you're getting on well too :)

  • Well done!! woohoo! There's your 2 in the bag. 😊 I had my early night too.feel so much better for no alcohol and some sleep! Not so tetchy! 😳

  • Don't beat yourself up......we are all here to support.....We all have 'issues'......all of us. Learning to love/like yourself is a great start, a positive frame of mind always then kicks in. One day at a time.

  • It's tough isn't it, but this pledge thing works - at least once in a while. And reporting to Dave makes you accountable! My pledge for Tuesday worked. I took a huge bag of veggies to work and snacked on green peppers, radishes, fennel etc in the morning. And for the afternoon I had weighed out some nuts and olives which I ate slowly and "mindfully". Normally I have a packet at work and find myself diving in all the time. One packet lasts about 2 days and it's just too many calories - even if it is healthy stuff. No snacks in the evening, as I was in a hotel room. Not a very GOOD evening meal as I had to buy something. Too many carbs, but no crisps, biscuits or chocolate. So successful. Today I'm in a business meeting again and flying back tonight, so can't really plan. I will try and make healthy choices. I pledge the same thing for tomorrow, only healthy, pre-weighed and planned snacks.

    It's all pure habit and annoys me intensely. On a routine day I get "hungry" at about 10 am and it's non-stop nibbling from then on. If I'm distracted, in a meeting, on a long phone-call or traveling it doesn't happen. So it's pure habit or boredom. It's worse in winter. I need to learn to have one snack and then just stop.

    Keep up the good pledges!

  • Today is a new day Dave and a new pledge! Good luck with the snack attacks - you are in the right frame of mind to do well with the pledge!

    Bed at 10.30 for me tonight. Made my 10 pledge last night so that will be 2 earliest in a row. 😊

  • Was I bed earlier than 10.30!!! Yay! Light was out by 10.15.😊

  • I pledged to take the stairs instead of the lifts the other day.

    This became much easier to stick to, when I discovered that the lifts at work were out of order.....!

    I had a wobble that lasted for a few weeks before christmas, and I'm finding it much harder to get back to being sensible again - which is incredibly irritating because I managed to dispose of 1.5 stone - so I hope that small daily pledges will keep me on the straight and narrow!


    I was given a biscuit barrel (complete with chocolate covered biscuits) for Christmas, which I took to work. It's sitting in the corner of my office quietly calling my name.... So, my pledge today is to take the barrel out to the nurses station and open the barrel for all to share. I think tomorrow pledge may be to not refill the barrel, but we can cross that bridge when we come to it!

  • Good plan,

    A nurses station is a bit like a Hoover, stuff is gone in a minute!!( I'm an ex nurse !!)

    Like your pledge do not refill it !! πŸ˜ƒ


  • Just for today I will walk 10,000 steps. Yesterday I cooked and ate my main meal in the middle of the day. It was a successful idea because it really filled me up until the evening and I didn't even want to snack on anything, so Although I'll be out all day today (stressful house hunting) I think I'll try and eat a more substantial meal for lunch and see if that keeps me off the snacks for the rest of the day.

  • Hi,

    Ive changed my meal times around this week after watching a piece on 'I'm a doctor ' last week, and I will say for me it has cut down my snacking and mindless crazing!

    There's something in it πŸ˜ƒ


  • Should have said grazing !! But maybe crazing fits lol


  • Good idea to have good snacks available at all times. I find if I get too hungry, like you I go for chips etc. (I did yesterday too, because I got held up waiting for someone my time scale went to pot.)

  • Hi Dave,

    Well done on getting through a difficult dayπŸ˜ƒ. When those munchies strike it can put me off for a couple of days !!

    I do think there is something in a daily pledge, it might sound silly to some,but for me it a mindful start to the day!

    My pledge today is to stay within my calories, I'm off the the theatre tonight and we are meeting for an early meal and two of my friends always bring sweeties !!! I'm planning to sit furthest away ! Lol

    I kept to the pledge Monday but a bit like you Tuesday I had a few more biscuits than intended, did count them all but feeling a bit sluggish today ?? Carb overload??

    Have a good day


  • I think I've been doing it, Dave, but accidentally!

    I've started taking 10 mins first thing in the morning, to sit with my first cup of tea and plan the day - including meals, snacks, etc - instead of jumping out of bed at the very last minute and then running round like a headless chicken, getting ready for work, etc.

    Once I've written everything down, I have to stick to it.

    It really does seem to work.

  • Hi Dave,

    Glad you are taking each day as it comes, and that these pledges are working for you ( and many others) 😊

    My missed pledge got taken care of at the weekend, I got my written work done, and my running.

    I won't do any daily pledges at the moment as work is taking a lot of my time and energy.

    Saying that, my general pledge is and will be to snack a little less - it's not bad, but I would like to swap it for fruit for a bit 😊

  • How did it go Dave? Hope you made some headway with snack-planning, and hope things are going well generally, and you're continuing to make all those small changes :)

  • Hi Dave,

    My last daily pledge was on the weekend when I pledged not to have the cake that was on offer - and I managed to say 'no' quite successfully, and thankfully didn't cause offence.

    I've not set a pledge since then, but I will try to think of one to do tomorrow, and will either look for this thread, or a new one if you happen to post, and will add it there - I hope you're doing ok, and that your week is going well.

    I know you suggested that one of us could post a daily pledge thread, as I know you aren't posting daily, but personally I like to look for your posts, so as long as there's an old one here, I'll check back and post here - hope that's ok! I think of it as 'Dave's Daily Pledge Thread' :-)

    Hope your garden is growing great grass at the moment, and that you're still enjoying those delicious strawberries from time to time.

    Lowcal :-)

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