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First week down

Start Weight: 13st1lb

Week 1: 12st12lb

So end of week 1 and I've managed to loose 3lbs, which is better than I could have hoped for as the first week is always the hardest. I avoided rice, potato, bread etc within the week except for a couple of chocolate treats (couldn't help myself) and during the weekend, which is always the most difficult time, I guess I watched what I ate but wasn't as strict with myself as I could have been.

I've been enjoying using the spiraliser, and although I have felt hungry at times I've also felt satisfied at the sheer quantity of fruit and veg I've been consuming, I'm definitely getting what my body needs and feel better for it.

I'll admit I haven't started running again - the weather has been hideous and flooded the canal paths I run. This sounds a bit like an excuse though so I will try harder this week.

This week I have several customer lunches which I don't really know how to handle... I think it looks rude if I sit there with my orange after I put a spread on for them.... maybe I'll just fill up on salad with some token cheese?? Gah... Eating out with friends or large groups has always presented a problem when dieting... It's like I succumb to some kind of pier pressure!

Thanks for reading.

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Well Done Sd33, Good Luck for Week 2 :)

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