Going Dry

Morning all!

Ok from tomorrow I am going dry.

I have spent a good thirty years hammering booze. I don't have a problem and don't drink every day.

But I have been known as a big drinker for 30 years... from being a beer monster at uni (who could beat all the boys downing a pint at speed and not i hasten to add, spill a drop ) to being known as the one who can drink everyone else under the table, at work and home.

Strangely it has been a label I have been proud of. Maybe because I longed to belong or because I felt like i was getting gold stars or because it felt good to be the best.

Maybe it stems from my competitive nature, I don't know.

What I do know is that on Friday I was out with a group of friends. I had brought a group of friends from different parts of my life together for the first time. As we enjoyed a glass of wine each agreed with each other that they could not keep up with me. They spoke with admiration.

For the first time I sat back and thought... really? At your age and at this stage in your life you are still the beer monster? When i got hone i discussed it with my husband. He thought i had seen all the news about the new recommendations but I hadn't. Funny I should reach my conclusion on the same day.

I once gave up chocolate and booze for lent. No one questioned the chocolate, everyone laughed 'no way! ' at the booze. This made me determined. I ate chocolate (fail! ) but not one drop of alcohol passed my lips. People were so amazed that some  concluded I was pregnant!

I lived normally too... attended parties and the like.

So where am i going with this? Well i am going dry again from tomorrow. I want to go as long as I can. If I got to April I would have to have champagne for my wedding anni. But at the moment that is a long way away. One day at a time!

I never thought I could give up smoking but I did 12 years ago and can't imagine ever doing that again.

I used to drink huge amounts of strong 'builders' tea. Huge! When advised to give it up to improve my sleep I laughed! I would try but don't hold your breath I said. That was over 4 years ago and I haven't touched a drop since - herbal tea all the way!

I gave up drink for lent and for my pregnancy no bother. It is time I tried harder for the sake of my health.

Why share all this with you? Well... I would love you to cheer me on. If I could let you know how I am doing at end of each week I will have some further motivation. If anyone has any motivational tips or have done this themselves, please do share! 😊

So my original plan was to drink on only 2 nights a week.... now, from Monday it's none... wish me luck!


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19 Replies

  • I have been dry since sept 10 th. So that I can do this diet.

  • Go for it !😃 . It sounds so important to you and can only make a difference to your overall health.


  • I relate to this a lot - I have a certain reputation among my friends that goes back several years too. But these days I'm trying to drink moderately, only half a pint of cider over the course of an evening, and avoiding wine. I managed to stop drinking wine completely while I was following the 12 week plan, meaning I was rarely drinking more than half a pint of cider in one sitting. For some reason I find cider easier to abstain from. But since reaching my goal weight, among lots of things I've eased my control on, I've started drinking wine at home. I'm wondering if I should nip this in the bud and make my flat into a 'cider only' zone again.

    My history is that 3 and a half years ago I ended up in A&E with damage to my stomach after drinking, subsequent investigations revealed ulcers, diagnosis was 'alcohol-induced gastroenteritis' - so embarrassing to have that on my record, and more annoyingly I now as a result have a very sensitive stomach. I gave up alcohol completely for a year at the time (2012-3) and have now given up wheat and dairy to solve the stomach sensitivities.

    Like you, people were like 'what!' when I originally gave up alcohol, or even these days when I try to just drink less. But now I've lost weight, and given up wheat and dairy too, I'm wondering if being a low-alcohol drinker makes more sense with the rest of what I'm doing. Can I join you in giving up wine - but still drinking my half pints of cider? I find this works for me - a little of what you like but not to get drunk. My tip would be to find lots of alternatives, have loads of non-alcohol favourites at the ready for when people ask what do you want at the bar, and have loads of creative solutions to the craving for when you're at home, not just non-alcoholic drinks, but activities to do, e.g. having certain types of music to listen to, focussing on a favourite evening radio show, or I like lighting incense as a relaxing ritual, also having smoked in the past it reminds me a bit of the feeling of lighting up and drawing in the smoke - but my nag champa makes my flat smell brilliant, not stale and smokey :) Good luck with your resolve to cut the drink for as long as you can - you'll definitely feel the benefits :)

  • Thanks Ruth canal runner.

    Goodness me I cannot imagine how you felt when you were poorly. You have shown great resolve and determination to sort that out.

    I would love you to join me!

    My ultimate goal (as I told my husband!) is to have an occasional drink and enjoy it and make sure it a one of quality e.g. one really good ale or cider or a lovely glass of champagne.

    I always used to drink cider too (with blackcurrant!) But as I got older I moved to wine.

    Thank you for your tips too.I particularly liked being prepared at the bar. I have bought some good quality sparkling water and limes, in a nice glass this gives me the same feeling as alcohol.

    I will try burning insense too!

    So from tomorrow I will go dry and keep you updated and I would love to hear how you are getting on having just a small cider.

    Good luck lovely.soon we will be known as the 'uber healthy (almost) teetotalers!


  • The very best of luck. However, I do have one concern reading your post and that is that you don't appear to be able to do anything in moderation. It is all or nothing and for me that would not work. I would need to know if I wanted the odd cup of tea, chocolate, glass of wine etc that I could have it without feeling that I had failed. Still, we are all different and if that's what works for you go for it

    Let us know how you get on and how the weight loss is going

  • You are right annde! I am an all or nothing person.

    I was asked to cut down tea slowly to nothing but I gave it up. Now,like smoking, I cannot even contemplate having a normal brew with milk! I just don't like the taste!

    Eventually I would like to be like Ruth canal runner and just have a small amount of something. But for now I need to go dry!

    I will keep you posted on it all! 😊

  • I. Do know that I can have a glass of wine I do t know if it will be one and I don't know what a jab ab might seem an amazing idea after two glasses of wine. Which is why I have none

  • Good luck Asics. I am doing dry January so welcome to the club :) I must confess though I am not much of a drinker anyway but doing to egg my hubby on.

  • Thank you sueper. I am sure your husband is finding your support really encouraging. Well done. 😊

  • Good luck, keep us updated with how you are doing. I don't really drink as I'm a 'lightweight' as people put it. I have had many people say how lucky I am I only need one large wine and I swaying!! I'm glad really.

  • Will keep you posted!

  • Hi Asics,

    Wishing you success with your decision to go Dry in January - I hope you'll find it ok. I don't drink very much normally - but I've also decided to have a Dry January.

    Hope it goes well.

    Good luck!!!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal!

  • good for you i have stopped the drink for over a year now its cut down my social life but im not pouring money down the drain and i can drive when i want

  • Rogbert, thank you! Driving on night outs would certainly save me money too! So many benefits. 😊

  • Hi here's wishing you well. I gave up alcohol a few years ago but I admit I did have a problem. Crept up on me over time but Then I tried to stop and found it very hard. So made the decision to quit and I love being alcohol free. Good luck asics.

  • Thank you for the wishes and luck and for sharing your personal story.

    What a great story well done!

    That's what I am hoping for...to feel great alcohol free! 😊

  • I shall definitely be cheering both you and Ruth on asics and, of course, anyone else who's going "dry".

    I haven't had a drink since August, but that's no great feat, as I hardly drank before anyway, but I'm full of admiration for anyone who finds alcohol difficult to do without, and still resolves to quit :)

  • Thanks moreless! Your cheers will be much appreciated! :-)

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