A shocker !!!

Channel hopping this morning( circuit class cancelled !!) and on one they are selling a 'diet plan' its a food box for a month at the bargin price of £199.00, and you only need to add fruit,salad and veg !!! I'm really really shocked !!!

I'm not knocking the plan just really shocked at the price, how much fresh food could you buy for that ? Ok it takes time to plan shop and cook but who wants to live off packets ???



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  • You're so right! The New Year sees lots of magic diets and "weightloss solutions" being sold for silly money. Often it's just slebs trading on their fame to get even richer than they already are.

    I reckon I can eat healthily for 3 months for £199 (if I eat lots of fruit, veg, wholegrains and pulses and buy meat and fish from the yellow-sticker counter)!

  • Hmmm, considering if you eat healthy, you eat lots of fruit, veg , salad and possibly meat, what does the £199 go on??? 😉

    That would work out hefty if you add the fresh foods on top 😁

  • Instead of paying nearly £200 for 1 month supply of pre prepped 'whatever' and probably an information brochure, sign up to cookery classes at a local college. This will give skills for life, meet new people and still cost less than the £200! It does make me laugh when you see these sorts of things, like the 'fresh box' - all you need for making a meal at only a fiver a head, etc..... Most people have less than that fiver to feed all of the family and some will have to feed the whole family for breakfast, lunch and dinner on a fiver. Go to a charity shop and browse the cookbooks on offer, some fantastic ones at the shocking price of about £2.

    Flossie, have you recovered from the shock yet. A nice cup of tea usually works wonders lol. 😊

  • Over the shock but it gave me a bit of a project to look out stuff I can cook and freeze cheaply and easily!!

    We've had torrential rain for nearly two days so not been far( even Calvin not keen to go out) but need to keep moving . We are off to the vets wether Calv likes it or not and even though still pouring I'm going out once I've taken him home to clock up so kms for our trip.

    If I don't post by this evening sent out a dinghy!! It will mean my wellies have sprung a leak and I'm taking in water !! Lol


  • You have just made me chuckle hun 😊

  • That's so funny. I saw the same ad when I was round at my boyfriend's a couple of weeks ago (he has a telly but I don't). He still doesn't get how I lost my weight, as I kept it all quite discreet via this forum and the myfitnesspal app. So he thinks ads like that are even more bonkers, as from his point of view his girlfriend just magically lost loads of weight! Maybe I should have made it look harder... also more expensive perhaps...

  • I had seen the ads before but not taken any notice !! well do now.

    I too have not shared lifestyle changes,hubby knows as he helped me find this forum but just quietly says nothing 😶!!

    I'm sure your boyfriend appreciates and loves you for who you were and who you are now😃


  • There are a few things like this around now, one that myself and a friend tried for a few weeks was £50 a week and they send you dinners for two people for the week, which sounds alright at first but it's only 5 days and it soon adds up. Though it's healthy and sorted for best part of a week, and when you compare to the potential cost of just winging it in the week and shopping every other day at the supermarket and the risk of buying junk or easy to cook ready meals it is pretty convenient and not much more than you might already be spending. That said, 199 without the veg is a LOT I will agree.

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