Last supper

Last supper

Last meal of the year at around 600 Kcal. I'm now healthy BMI on the New BMI calculator and just 11lbs off of my target weight of 12st 7lb, when I shall give up smoking and try to continue to lose weight and reduce to 11st 7lbs.

My waist is now 35" down from 46.5" and my hips are around 38", so starting to look healthy and am shaping up.

Have a great year all.

If you really want something, then you will get it. :)

PS This meal always reminds me of this and perhaps a new year and a new begining :)

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23 Replies

  • Looks yummy!

    You've made such amazing progress :) Good luck with giving up smoking - I suspect you'll need some planning food wise when you give up as you may get the urge to snack more.

    Happy New Year :)

  • I asked Santa for a Kindle for Christmas, which should help and increased childcare will reduce the opportunity for smoking. That's the plan, which is all important, as is sticking to the plan.

    We only fail when we don't stick to the plan :) So it's just a case of head down, teeth gritted and pushing on :)

    One thing for sure, is that no one ever got hurt giving up smoking,

    As you can tell, I look for reasons I can succeed rather than reasons I can fail.

  • I like your attitude but you may want to put a sign saying "no one ever got hurt giving up smoking" somewhere in your house to remind you ;)

    When my hubby gave up smoking we had some hilarious arguments - a highlight was when he was yelling at me saying "stop being so bloody reasonable"!

    He got there in the end and hasn't smoked for over 12 years.

    With you attitude I am sure you'll succeed just like you have with the waist whittling :)

  • There was a very good programme about giving up smoking on you and yours on radio 4 yesterday. I don't know if can download the podcast.

  • I've given up before when in my very early 20's and have always associated it with gaining weight.

    What I've only just realised is that, a male body doesn't fully mature and fill out until he's around 30 yrs old.

    So I live in hope that my weight won't be affected too much.

    Happy New Year Aqua_Marine and I hope it's going to be a good one for you x

  • well done mate hope you have a happy new year

  • Happy New Year Shogg, I read your previous post and although the focus was on weight and appearance, I really envied your quality time you had with your daughter. Such times are so important.

    I've a feeling this is going to be your year :)

  • Hi Tewson,

    Happy New Year!! What a delicious looking meal you had as your last meal of 2015. I am wondering what your first meal of the New Year was.

    Congratulations on achieving a healthy BMI - that is fantastic!!!! You are very close now to your next target weight of 12 stone 7 pounds, and your plan to give up smoking at that point sounds really good. Best of luck with your targets, and here's to a fantastic year ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you Lowcal and thank you for your enduring support along the way.

    Happy New Year x

  • That is amazing . Well done. I am really pleased to be reading this.

  • Your plate is speaking volumes Tewson, take a close look, ignoring the spuds, and you will see an owl - the WISE owl. Subliminal message hey, lol.

    Congratulations on all you have achieved and good luck for what you still have ahead. 😊

  • That's really made me chuckle :D :D :D

    It's good to hear from you ShellieL.

    Have a great year x

  • You had the gammon it looks very nice, You have done so well ,thanks for all your support since I started. I went dancing last night and felt really great in my size14 little black dress, It was hard not drinking but that was more to do with band didn't play right sort of music to dance to, hopeless really but if you are up there dancing you cant really drink as you might fall over( hubby was missing a few steps!! He is still losing how can that be??) Have a great Year in 2016 best wishes

  • Well done skinnylizzie on the dress size. :)

    There's only one thing more fun than really good dancing and that is really, really bad dancing and I'm very good at that :D

    Have a great year and well done to your husband for having the bottle to get up there and keep you company, even though he missed a few steps. A real man in my book :)

  • Woo-hoo! Well done, you're an inspiration!

  • Amazing-Tewson-you-have-really-made-significant-changes-in-your-life-and-you-should-be-so-proud-the-dinner-looks-yummy-man-love-gammon-a-ray-of-sunshine-like-you-say



  • Thank you Trafford, you're one of the trailblazers that I hold in high esteem and your comments are always welcome and uplifting. :)

    Have a great new year x

  • that's-so-nice-of-you-to-say-thank-you-Tewson




  • Good luck for all your plans this year Tewson and congrats on reaching a healthy BMI. Your measurements sound very slim now. I hope you approach giving up smoking with the same attitude you've approached weight loss with - as you've really proved a lot to yourself about willpower and keeping your sense of humour. I know the side effects of giving up smoking are different to losing weight (I gave up smoking when I was 20, so I remember a little from it). But I think once you get the chemical cravings out of your system, then you'll do well for sure, on the basis of your constructive approach that we've seen on here. For your kindle, find books with short chapters or collections of short stories - you may find you have a short attention span if you're combatting those cravings. Happy 2016 :)

  • Thank you for the support and advice Ruth. At the moment I'm reading Quintin Jardine novels which are light, easy to follow and have short chapters, so that's a good start.

    I shall need to get rid of excess energy when I give up and will return to cycling.

    I'm looking at cycling again and getting my wife one of these to assist with her arthritis. I shall get the men's version so we can cycle together. Although last time we had matching bikes, we still had to invest in walkie talkies because a few times she got a puncture or had a mishap and I cycled on oblivious :D

    We still have all the gear, pump, tools, locks clothing etc., so role on Spring a

    Thank you again for your support x

  • What a great year you've had Tewson. You've achieved so much, with a smile on your face and words of wisdom and advice for all of us.

    I have absolutely no doubt that you'll continue in the same vein in 2016 and will stun us all with your ability to lose more weight and give up smoking without becoming a crabby old git! :D :D :D

  • Thank you moreless, although I very much doubt I have too much to crow about, as some of us have an easier journey than others. There're many here that have far greater challenges for various reasons than I think I could ever cope with. I feel very fortunate that my passage has been easy and smooth.

    Moreless, you've selflessly shared the ups and downs of your journey, often making my minor difficulties seem insignificant in comparison and rightly too.

    You are a trooper, a winner and a motivator of the first order and whatever my weight me be, I can only read your posts and wonder at your sheer strength of will and determination to improve yourself.

    So here's to a good year for us both, 🍺🍷, Bottoms Up and weight down :D

  • Wow Tewson, what a lovely reply, I'm almost speechless, but not quite ;)

    I don't believe your journey has been any easier than anybody's, including mine. You entered into this whole thing with a positive attitude and a strong "work" ethic and now you're reaping what you've sown, which you very definitely deserve.

    We are all the masters of our own destinies, but need others to help us on our way. The symbiotic nature of this site, is what keeps us all going, but for it to work, there has to be equal parts giving and taking, so I don't feel I give any more than I receive :)

    I firmly believe that 2016 is going to be a fantastic year and one in which we all reach our goals.

    Onwards and downwards Tewson, we rock! :)

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