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New Year New Start!!

I originally stated the 12 week plan back in October but completely lost all my motivation. I have still been watching what I have been eating most of the time during the day but not been so good in the evenings and weekends which has always been my downfall.

I weighed myself this morning for the first time in about 6 weeks and was surprised to see that i have only put on 2 pounds. I really thought it would be much worse and I would have undone the hard work I had put in, so that was a bit more motivation to get me started again!

I am hoping to lose 2 pounds a week over the 12 weeks which will take me up the end on March

Looking forward to catching up with all your progress at the Monday weigh in!


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That's amazing that you've only put on 2lbs in 6 weeks well done you


Hi Jude, sounds like you're starting from a good point then, its like you've done the rehearsal, now is the real event. Hope you find some good strategies for evenings/wknds, a problem time for lots of us here too. Good luck for your 12 week restart :)


Hi Jude,

Pleased to hear that your weigh-in went better than you anticipated this morning. Gaining just 2 pounds over the past few weeks - especially with Christmas indulgences etc is not bad going at all.

You're sounding more motivated again, which is a great way to feel, and hope to catch up with you at the Monday weigh-in. :-)

Lowcal :-)


You obviously learned how to eat healthily better than you thought Jude and that minimal gain of 2lbs is proof of that fact :)

I'm convinced that it's being active on the forum that keeps us on the straight and narrow, so by being involved with the Monday group weigh-in and the Around the World challenge, you're setting yourself up for success :)

Here's to a slimmer, healthier 2016 :)


Hi Jude,

Good news all round, a minimal gain and feeling ready to move on, it's great to hear.

Have a lovely week



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