How would you like to see the total 2015 weigh-in visualised when we collect it tomorrow?

Tomorrow when Lowcal posts the weekly weigh-in, she's invited us to also (or instead) state how much we've each lost during the whole of 2015. Look out for Lowcal's post first thing tomorrow - it will start something like 'Please join us for a weekly weigh-in'... - I'll add the link in here once it's up. So don't get excited and post your total weight loss here! Wait for Lowcal's post. I'll be collecting the stats as usual, but this time I think we should do something different with it.

So... in the meantime I'm collecting ideas for how to visualise this data once we've gathered it all in - a big pile of packets of butter? A graph showing how many people lost 1-10lbs, 11-20lbs, 21-30lbs etc? Please let me know your ideas and I will prepare a visual that reflects the sheer magnitude of all the weight we've collectively lost this year! 2015 was a big year for me - learning to run, losing over 2 stone, and getting my health back on track. I'm sure lots of people feel the same about 2015. So let's visualise it in a way that sets the tone for 2016, and also shows all the newbies joining with their new years resolutions exactly what can be achieved! :)

Ideas suggested so far -

Packets of butter/sugar

A large animal/animals

Bags of cement

Kettle bells

Birds/buzzards flying away

Each pound's worth in calories enough to feed 3 starving children for a day

Baggage/sports gear

Plus... How many people have reached goal, maintained and for how long

Lowcal's last weigh-in of 2015 if you're looking for it...


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38 Replies

  • Sounds great, I can visualise my loss over my recent months

  • Hi Ruth,

    I don't usually join the Monday weigh-in although I do read it. So I won't weigh tomorrow but I will add my total for 2015 up to 23/12.

    I can't wait to see how much we've all lost :)

    I think in packs of butter or sugar would be great. I'd also love to know how it measures up with a large animal - maybe we've lost a whole hippo or similar :) Or the number of average people we've slimmed away.

  • I





  • I









  • Pahahahahahahhahahahah







  • I
















  • Trafford1 I'm sure you can set up a shortcut for a space - use a different key instead somehow - maybe look for something online. Or copy it from somewhere (ctrl+c) and paste it everywhere you need it (crl+v). Also - maybe give your keyboard a shake and clean out - I had a problem with one of my keys because there were some crumbs under it and fixed it once I'd located the crumbs - hope that doesn't give too much away about my eating-in-front-of-computer habits! But hope you find some kind of solution soon. It's funny now but I'm sure no spacebar will get pretty annoying soon!

  • That's-cool-yeah-it-works-thank-you



  • Mine's a laptop too. I got one of those keyboard cleaning brushes and shook it around a bit too. You can also get air-blowing devices etc. But the hyphen looks like a good solution for now :)

  • I-agree-with-Ruth:-Maybe-you-could-use-a-hyphen-like-this,-instead-of-a-space-key?

  • Thank-you-Lowcal


  • That confused me even more lol!

  • Lol

  • I've thought of that too. I looked at the weight of lorries and they were quite high! But a few baby hippos might be appropriate - and cute :)

    I found this - it's in kilos but a good guide I think?

  • That is a good guide Ruth. :-)

  • I've lost a giant anteater - woohoo!

    I got a 6kg kettlebell for xmas which I can barely lift - I've lost nearly 5 of those which puts things in perspective :)

  • Hi Ruth,

    I think that it would also be good to include a category of the number of people who are 'maintainers' - and who have successfully maintained weight loss over 2015. I know we have a few of those people (including yourself!)

    I'll be here tomorrow (before 7am) to post the Monday Group weigh-in thread, and I'll make sure that I also link to this post, so people can see all the ideas for your stats feedback.

    Hopefully you'll get lots of feedback.

    Good luck to everyone for tomorrow's weigh-in. :-)

    I'm really looking forward to hearing how everyone has got on over the year. :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Would be good also to know how long the maintainers have maintained :)

  • Some failed like me, we see tho!

  • Good point!

  • I know I'll have a minor gain , note to self, you can't abuse your body like you once could.......... Even tho I thought I hadn't!

    Back to basics again, and realise ' nothing tastes as good as skinny feels' mentality!

  • That's the point of looking at how we've done over the whole year. This may be the hardest week of the year for a lot of people, and many people are reluctant to step on the scales. So it's a good time to remind yourself of how much you've achieved overall, focus on the bigger picture instead :)

  • Well-said-Diana

  • Bags of cement lost :-)

  • Not as cute but maybe we can get a multibuy

  • I like the idea of birds flying away from us.

  • That was libbydaniels, each 2.5lbs is a buzzard 🐦

  • Great link to animal weights, it makes me realise how much I've actually lost. Total loss in the last 27 months a Red Kangaroo and in the last year a Four Horn Antelope!

  • How about baggage.... Did you lose yr handbag, amanbag, a suitcase, your luggage allowance or the whole lost property department?

    Me I los a sports agent worth....

  • For every pound we lose, we have to have a calorie deficit of 3,500. Those calories would feed three starving, under 5yr old, children for a day.

    What a lovely idea to think that by denying ourselves so little, we could be saving hundreds of lives.

  • Are you thinking in terms of 3 x childsize plates of food for each pound then? If only giving up food to lose weight could translate so literally...

  • It's actually more than that, it's 3 childsize days of food, so 9 plates of food - 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 3 dinners.

    I suspect it could, but instead of putting aside £1 for each 1lb lost to add something to our wardrobes, we'd have to donate that amount to a charity/red nose day.

  • Wow, okay, so we were eating 3 children's worth of daily meals extra for each lb we put on? That puts things massively into perspective...

  • Scary isn't it!

  • I've lost a Whiptail Wallaby! I like the animals idea!

  • I lost a fat koala!.

    I like that idea too.

  • I fill plastic milk bottles with water, you can try and hold them all with the handles it really brings it home!

  • New to this and starting from scratch.... but wii join in future weigh ins..... hopeful.......😊

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