I am patting myself on my back!

I went to help my Mum as she is a party planner and I did not eat anything as everything was illegal well almost. It just proves the point that as moorless calls it is all mind over matter! A few weeks ago I would just eat little sandwiches and crackers and the other day I just kept telling myself I cannot it is not worth it I will just continue getting the Thrush and I am desperate to get rid of it and guess what I actually lost weight. It was so cute my son was clapping his hands for as I had so much self control! :)

Enjoy the rest of the week! I am actually looking forward for Monday!


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14 Replies

  • Well done you should be proud of yourself 😊

  • Yaay bd, way to go you! :)

    Mind over matter wins hands down. I can't wait to see how this has helped your weight loss on Monday too :)

  • So far I lost 2 lbs. Fingers crossed! Off for a nice long walk!

  • Well done. It is hard to learn to do.

  • Yes it is hard to learn but finally I got there and it is worth it. I feel so much healthier and better!

  • Well done hun :-)

  • I am over the moon. Just tonight is usually a time when I really eat pizza and tonight I just had tuna with veggie. All thanks to my endo and Thrush and so far I lost 3 lbs in a week. Fingers crossed for Monday. I can't believe I finally have such self control.

  • Well done you! Such a nice feeling - when you've stuck with your plan and resisted temptation!

  • Yes you are so right just stick to plan! Also it is easy for me now as I have been suffering with Thrush since June and I am literally fed up. I kept telling myself don't eat a thing in this party as I am desperate to clear up already and.. :) Finally learning to have self control. Well I gave myself a deadline in 4 months I want to fit in all my clothes which is 2 stones! With the help of all of you I will get their! :)

  • Have you managed to give up sugary foods and drink? Try taking some probiotics as well, to see if that will help clear up the thrush.

  • Yes I have stopped eating and drinking sugary foods! Thanks for your concern and help.

  • Just want to clarify that I should stay away from raisins and dry food smoked fish due to sugar?

  • Probably a good idea to avoid raisins, but hopefully the fish won't have much sugar. Always check the labels.

  • Thanks so much!

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