Have I gone badly wrong

Hi in 7 weeks on NHS plan I have stayed in three hotels and managed to be sensible and not damage diet. Oh dear yesterday visiting Birmingham I visited a new branch of my favourite premium burger restaurant (3rd outlet in the city centre now) I started well no bun green leaves instead of coleslaw and I didn't order their fabulous chips just pinched half a dozen off a fellow diner. The Handmade Burger Company serve a very tasty and moreish sweet relish I was served quite a large dish of it and ate the lot! I know these things can be loaded with calories I can't find out how many so will have to have everything crossed when I get on scales tomorrow morning.


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  • Don't panic !! You may well find that the scales don't look good tomorrow (unless you have a really good day today ;-) ) - but even if they show some damage, you can soon get back on track - just don't let it ruin your motivation :-)

  • Thanks it does help when you get advise from someone who understands

  • The only way to deal with bad days. Is to drink lots of water and start again the next day. It happens to everyone. It is history you can't do anything about it. You can do something about today though. I smile sure you will.

  • Thanks I will drink lots of water today and I'm planning to have cold beef salad lunchtime without masses of dressing😌

  • They make the best burgers I've ever tasted! The reality is that you are going to come up against these challenges. It's unreasonable to expect yourself not to slip up on occasion. You can't go the rest of your life restricting everything.

    If anything, I think you should congratulate yourself. You didn't have a bun, a whole portion of chips or coleslaw. You went over the top on relish but next time you'll know to ask for a half portion of it.

  • Yes thanks I do need to think about the positives the things I didn't eat like the chips which are so good as you probably know

  • I guess I'm in danger of sounding like a parrot :D , but the main problem is not the calories, but understanding the levels of added sugar, salt and fat which makes such foods so moreish. If food is moreish, has high calorie content and does not sate the hunger, then there lies a recipe for weight gain.

    When eating out and assessing menu's, without knowledge of calorie content, it's as well to assess whether the food would contain added sugar, salt or fat and then avoid or be prepared for a gain in weight or hunger pains later on. :)

  • Yes thanks for that I obviously need more willpower but common sense told me a very sweet relish would be high in calories hence the guilt this morning how bad it was will show tomorrow on scales 😊

  • It's not about willpower; we would all have situations where we fail if that was the case. It's because you are weighing up the pros and cons in your head, and because of hunger/the immediate enticement of what you purvey, you made a bad decision.

    To redress the balance we need to have in our minds the long-term detriment of eating things such as sugar for instance. Imagine the chips were cooked with faeces; you wouldn't want six! Imagine the relish was laced with poison; they can keep all of it.

    To achieve this, we need to eat enough tasty, healthy food so that we are seldom hungry.

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