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Who said eating healthy means eating nothing!

This is my aim this week to prove that me and my partner can eat lots and still loose weight- as long as we eat the right things!

I can honestly say I have never eaten so much food! For tea tonight we had steak, cabbage peas carrot and swede mashed parsnip crisps onions and broccoli and it was lovely! No potatoes so no feeling stuffed after just full and it was lovely

Last nights we had turkey stir fry again so full- turkey onion pepper broccoli sweet corn green beans peas bean sprouts and so tasty!!!

Plus only about 300 calories

Tomorrow is lamb stew and it looks like it'll be the same again- I feel like I'm proving my point but hope we manage a loss on Monday!!!

Can anyone also advise- with reduced carbs I'm struggling to eat 1000 calories never mind over 1250 can anyone advise what to do? I don't feel like I could eat anymore I'm full all the time!

Also any recipes are greatly received :)

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I love doing this too - really experimenting with veg and making sure every meal looks bright and colourful and appetising. Re upping calories - if you're feeling full and satisfied maybe you're having enough? A few cashew nuts thrown into you stir fry could help or small snacks of nuts, dried fruit, bananas etc between meals could help too, with the added benefit of curbing your appetite at meal times. Enjoy your culinary adventures and hope you get the result you want from it :)


Hey wood05

That menu sounds amazing! some weeks ago I actually tried something like that..I couldn't imagine lunch without potatoes, rice, bulgur or noodles!

I ended up with stir fry oriental mix (from frozen bag mix) with bake in the bag chicken.. or courgette + carrots (cut in strips) oven baked with salmon,

roasted mushrooms , onions & peppers with grilled steak..

All very colourful and yummy

I still need to learn a lot about veg - strange as that sounds...I used to think it was just lettuce, tomatoes and frozen peas lol

Apparently you shouldn't worry too much about calories - turns out starvation mode is not a lack of calories, but a lack of essential vitamins.

So as long as your body gets everything you need then it's ok. but getting the calories isn't hard when you increase your protein & healthy fats


I don't avoid carbs because I find I need them in order to work out effectively, but the carbs I have are now lower GI and whole. For example, brown rice, wholeweat or rye bread, wholewheat pasta, but in calorie counted amounts, so sensible portions.

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Yh sorry I should have clarified when I've cut carbs mainly starchy ones like potatoes, white rice, pasta, cous cous

I can't stand brown rice, and have sweet potatoes occasionally- but really reducing the white rice and pasta cos I could literally live off it! Haha

I feel miles better and the food looks so colourful and tasty!

Re nuts unfortunately I'm allergic so this is one food group I need to avoid

Maybe if I'm full on my meat and veg I just leave it and see how I do- still record but don't worry about the calories too much- someone had suggested calorie cycling so I might see if that will work to give myself a day when I can have some rice?

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Have you tried brown Basmati rice? I find it really tasty and not too tinny like other brown rice.

Also, sweet potatoes are moderately better for you than ordinary potatoes (which puzzles me because they taste as if they should have a lot of calories).


Hi have you tried Butternut squash made into chips with some low cal spray over them , either put in the oven or an acifry, they are lovely, Also put in your stir fry lovely and extremely low carb :)

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Mmmmm, I think butternut squash is amazing - so delicious, yet surprisingly few calories!


If you can't have nuts, how about seeds, pulses or beans? Toasting pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds on a relatively low light in a dry frying pan (no oil) makes them really tasty. Then sprinkle them on top of your stir fry at the end. I also like cooking with butter beans and chickpeas, you can just add a few with each meal.

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