Keep going

Keep going

If you are near the beginning of your weight loss journey, don't be tempted to quit because of the scales. If you see a gain one week, and get discouraged, it's normal. This is my weight loss graph over the last 30 days, as you can see there are many gains but I stuck to my plan and turned them right back into losses. I saw that lowcal weighed daily and I thought it was a great idea for me personally, if you see a gain one day, it motivates you to be more strict with yourself the next day (not for everyone though)

ScoobaSteve says, you can do it :)


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20 Replies

  • An interesting post Scoobasteve :) you may also be interested in this

    The graph is updated daily.

    As pointed out by Lowcal and many others, it's also worth taking note of other measurements such as waist and hip. I found that even when the scales were showing a gain, other measurements showed a reduction. Of all of the measurements we use, I believe those derived from using the tape measure to be more informative and useful than the weighing scales. Weighing scales are a good indicator but a persons weight can fluctuate considerably on a daily basis, whereas the other measurements are far more consistant.

    Thank you for your post. It is most useful :)

    PS Sorry this post is abrupt, but I'm a little up against it this morning :)

  • Thanks Scooba - love this. I am going to start one today. I have struggled with my weight loss over the last few weeks and haven't been posting on the weekly weigh-in thread. Its so much better to see the trajectory rather than just on a weekly basis.

    :) :)

  • A good reminder to us all! Cheers!

    Off for todays little victory!

  • Nice trend Scoobasteve! Thanks for your post - as it's not been a great week for me I'm grateful for positive energy!

  • I don't have a fancy chart, but do weigh myself daily after having to record an unexpected and undeserved weight gain. I now realise my weight fluctuates wildly, but know that the overall trend is downwards :)

  • any chance of how-to guide to creating a fancy graph?

  • This is just the one I pulled from myfitnesspal, under reports. If you use mfp you should have one :) Otherwise look up on google how to make a chart with Microsoft excel?

  • Never thought I would get this excited over a line graph ;) :) :)

  • not bothering with MFP anymore - log calories on Fitbit. Managed to create graph on Excel - yippee :)

  • This is intresting but I dare not weigh myself daily. I think I coukd get too obcessed

  • I completely agree aqua marine it works for some people but not me!!! I weigh once a week, naked and prayering xx

  • Praying that should be, damn you spellchecker x

  • Yes you can, I agree,

  • Hi ScoobaSteve,

    I was just searching for your name so I could wish you a very Happy Birthday for today, and I came across this post that you posted a few months ago - I must say it is very impressive!!!  I don't know how I missed it previously! 

    Anyway, I know that graph of yours will be looking fantastic as an updated version, as I know you've made some fantastic progress over the past few weeks.

    I'd like to wish you a Very Happy Birthday for today!!!  (29th March 2016), and I hope you have an absolutely fantastic day, and a brilliant week ahead.

    Happy Birthday!!!!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks very much lowcal :)

  • Fantastic graph ScoobaSteve. Steady downward trend. I totally agree with you - I weigh daily too and if I have lost a bit it spurs me on and if I haven't then I try harder. Great job :)

  • Yes, nothing like ordering a takeaway, stepping on the scales the next morning and seeing a 1.5lb gain!! :O Always scares me straight haha

  • Definitely! If I left it all week I don't think I would have a clue what was going on. Daily weighing keeps me on track more I think. :)

  • I suppose it also taught me that weight fluctuations are normal and the scales aren't the be all end all! Sometimes you'll try really hard and your weight doesn't budge, then the next day it drops by double what you expected!

  • I too have weighed daily, on my own a lot and not attached to a particular club after a 2stone loss originally attending aclub weekly.

    This site has helped me to get back to that again and now I find it is not easy to weigh in just weekly, let alone monthly. I am happy with the weight I am and will try to focus on a good balance of healthy eating and not indulge too much on the ricekrispie bars and time outs. I should not buy them but have to discipline myself now otherwise I ill be creeping back. Maybe the answer is to weighin weekly for a bit and then gradually get to the monthly one. I will look in often to keep going.

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