Is up and down normal?

Is up and down normal?

I've stuck to calorie counting quite well and was pondering whether my progress is normal. I'm quite happy with the trend :)

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  • I am sure you are. Well done.

    I think "trend" is far more important than daily recording most definitely - I vary by 2lbs easily over a day, sometimes more I suspect.

    Meanwhile I have now I have a new condition: "Graph Envy" - I want one..... !

  • Thank you :)

  • Hi Tewson, i find your graph really interesting and i am doing exactly the same. Up and down, despite pretty much doing the same things weekly. I,m blaming gravity. Glad you enjoyed shopping. 😊

  • I put it down to atmospheric pressure. :d It's bound to make me heavier while conversely squeezing in my waist :D :D :D

  • Yes that must be the answer. More atmospheric pressure please 😅😅😅

  • Oooh - I love a good graph. I tried to paste a copy of mine in, but it won't work. But yes, it looks fairly similar with lots of daily ups and downs :-)

  • To paste a graph, you will need to save it as a jpeg picture and post it in a new post. This site does not seem to allow pictures to be posted in replies :)

  • Hi Tewson,

    Impressive graph - I would conclude it looks entirely normal - indicating good downward trend - good outlook ahead. Really good!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal, that means a lot :)

    I've never dieted before in my life and didn't quite know what to expect.

  • Great idea, going downhill fast, in a good way! Ok, I'm thick at this do I make a graph on the computer please...just for my own personal use that is? All help gratefully received!

  • Thanks WW, I keep my info updated and out there, to keep me motivated. I guess if just one person is judging my performance, then I will make an effort to perform better :) That's the theory :)

    As for drawing graphs, your best bet is to view a number of tutorials that are available on youtube. This is a sample

    To be honest, if I were not au fait with computer programmes, I would simply use a pencil, paper and a ruler :)

  • Thank you...maybe that is the easiest thing for me after all...I have a pad which is pre-ruled with about 0.5cm squares. I could stick it to the fridge with magnets eh? I can't imagine trying to fix the computer screen to the fridge - lol! :-D

  • That's a brilliant idea. :)

    Some people think everything should be done on a computer. Not me though. Pencil and paper is far more relaxing. :)

  • I also like this idea, but have not got round to it yet.

    I like creativity :)

  • If you use the Myfitnesspal app, as many of us do, and update your weight each week ( or whenever) your progress is automatically shown in a line-graph... Also, if you enter your daily food / exercise , you can see your gross or net calorie level in a block graph , for the week, month or year. When things plateau and Im puzzled cuz I " think" Ive been eating the same amount, looking back over the graph is often enlightening!

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