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Hula Hoop Hell!!

(but I like it!)

So I bought a hula hoop (argos, Pro... lots of people seem not to like Davina's version) and just put it together and tried it. I can still do it! Mind it's easier with a weighted one I think. However it is somewhat like being beaten around the middle (or wherever else it strikes on it's way to the ground!) and I expect there will be bruising!!! Going to have a go at this doing five minutes a day... apart from anything else all that hip action has got to be good for something....!

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Haha well done, I bought one a while ago and just can't do it at all! I quite clearly have no hip action, even though they are big enough!!!!

Keep going and let us know if it makes a difference!

E xxx


I think the secret is to go much slower than you'd expect to. Chuck it round and do a forward and back bending motion; as opposed to manic circling as I tried first!

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So you just prompted me to run upstairs and grab my weighted hula hoop. I was given this by a friend ages ago and had kind of forgotten it. Anyway - ten minutes later I am out of breath! My back feels looser and it was quite good fun. I think I can manage to do ten minutes most days if my attention span will let me. Please let us know how you get on - and thanks again for the inspiration! xx

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I have a weighted one, loved it but god it hurt my hip, massive bruises which since I had to go to the doctors soon after (for something different) the bruises were embarrassing to explain

I feel mine is too big to use in the house without possibly banging into something

on the other hand your post has reminded me that my wii fit has a hula hoop setting (minus the hoop) so I might go grab that and set it up :)


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