Well I never :-)

Well I never :-)

So I went out today to go and collect the wedding ring and saw these lovely shoes and just had to buy them. These are to be put down for my wedding day. I will have to learn to walk in them first though. I have never owned anything like these in my entire life and I just love them. I am going to be like a little princess on my wedding day and I am so excited. Never in a million years would I have been caught in a pair of these but with the new me comes new an exciting changes to my wardrobe with the addition of a new name to boot. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend :-)

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33 Replies

  • I love sparkly shoes! Those look amazing! Look for gel insoles - shop around for something that'll make sure your feet are as comfortable as possible in there :)

  • Now I love sparkly shoes too and they are amazing aren't they Ruth :-) thank you. Will look into getting some gel insoles they sound promising :-) :-) thanks for the tips chick x

  • Pretty! Perfect for a wedding and partying afterwards.

  • Thank you Keep_on_going, there are beautiful :-)

  • They are very pretty!

  • Thank you :-)

  • Gorgeous! Xx

  • Thank you Emma :-)

  • Wow. How fabulous.

  • Thank you Aqua_marine :-) Love em

  • Enjoy! Very pretty, shoes you don't grow out of, although I have thinner calves ( and thighs than I used to).

    Amazingly I have my grandmother's crocodile 1920s shoes

  • Thank you Diana :-) 1920s shoes wow, they were made to last, do you still wear these ??

  • Sometimes! I have some other lovely shoes as well x

  • Cool :-) I have been trying out lot's of different styles of shoes and boots as my legs are getting slimmer. It's nice to have lot's of different style to choose from :-)

  • Love love love the shoes,get practicing now !! Lol.

    You are going to be a Gorgous, fabulous, princess on your wedding day make no mistake💋

    I've always been a glitter girl and they are perfect for your wedding, hope you've got the first dance song picked ??? most important with them shoes to show off honey!!!

    Enjoy all your shopping but leave some for me lol


  • Thank you flossie, I'm glad they meet your approval as that's an indicator that I have chosen correctly for a pair of wedding shoes :-) I don't have the first clue about buying shoes for a wedding I just knew that they couldn't be too higher heal as I wouldn't be able to walk at all LOL I mean this heal is higher than a mountain for me anyway so will start practising in 2015 for 2016

    The songs have been chosen and the shoes will be seen by everyone as the dress isn't long and it should be a fabulous day all round :-)

  • You deserve every second of what is going to be a beautiful day xx


  • Fab shoes! Isn't it great how you suddenly find a new style when the weight comes off. The sparkly princess has been in you all this time just waiting to come out - what better day than your wedding day.

    I suspect you will be floating on the day anyway so walking in higher heels will be fine but best to practice anyway :)

  • Thank you sueper. I have definitely found a new more modern style young and trendy. It's really good and the shoes they are so nice I can't wear anything higher than theses. Maybe one day :-)

  • how exciting best wishes

  • Thank you skinnylizzie I am excited to have found these shoes already. Got the ring and the dress sorted so I feel rather relaxed now and can get on with my journey without having to worry about anything much :-)

  • Absolutely love the shoes! They're amazing and perfect for a wedding. I've always wanted a pair of red heels and will buy some when I get to goal 😀

  • Thank you nickynoo77, I would love a pair of red heels as well and when I get to goal I think I will invest in some like you :-)

  • WOW how wonderful, you will feel and look a million dollars. In these, enjoy Mr Trafford to be is a very lucky man (and tell him I said so!)

  • Aww thank you Prin :-) I told Mr Trafford and he knows he's a very lucky man. I took these over to show my mum today and she absolutely loves them too. She said she is going to buy her wedding shoes tomorrow now :-)

  • When's the big day? I just love weddings hence my "weekend job"as a registrar!😜

  • Day after valentines :-) wow your a registrar, cool :-)

  • You'll be like Cinderella in her glass slippers, tripping the light fantastic with your Prince Charming :)

  • I was thinking ruby slippers and there's no place like home, but I like Cinderella in her glass slippers better. That is more fitting :-) Went to show these off to my mum yesterday and she is in love with them. She told me to stop losing weight now as well as my face is coming in. I had to tell her no of course cause I need to still lose more weight off my legs to wear these lovely shoes and show them off with sexy legs LOL. She's just not used to having a skinny daughter, but she'll have to get used to it now cause skinny is here to stay :-)

  • I've had the same from my family in the past, I think they're just used to the chubbier us and can't seem to come to terms with the slimmer us. You're absolutely right though, it's something they'll have to get used to, because you're here to stay and I will be too, in a year, or two :)

  • I had Dorothy in my mind too, but I can't see you in a gingham dress and pinny on the day! I love that term your face is coming in! Spin cycling gives you good legs if you have any classes near you

  • They are amazing - you will look so lovely on your wedding day - all that hard work you've put in to your weight loss. Lots of reasons to be very proud :-)

  • Thank you lucca, they look so nice on with my wedding dress which I tried on today and my legs look really nice in them. I look like a princess and I can't wait now to go shopping for the jewellery and put all the finishing touches together :-) x

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