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First week over!

Managed to stick to 1400 calories a day, did my 150 mins exercise (walking) and a couple of sessions at the gym and managed to lose 1.5 lbs. This week harder as meeting a friend for a Chinese, but plan to keep it sensible. I've also got my birthday this week and nights out planned, but again will try to keep within my 1400 calories. Feel much better and determines to change my lifestyle habits once and for all! Good luck to all xx

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Well done Sugarholic - that's a great start! For the Chinese, try to go without the noodles and rice (or at least share one portion, and take a smaller share), and tuck into the veggies to fill you up. Have a great time and enjoy your birthday!

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Well done. One week nearer your goal.


Well done on losing 1.5 lbs. I agree with jane_ski go without the noodles or rice I never touch these when I have Chinese packed with carbs

Good luck for week 2 :-) and happy birthday x


Well done and I hope you have a lovely birthday enjoy it it's only once a year x


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