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What are your goals?

And I don't mean your goals for losing weight, I mean what you want from your life when you're a healthier weight!

I listed mine in another post but I'll put some here as an example:

Theme Park rides.

Walking on the beach without jiggling.

Being able to walk and work without sweating heavily.


Other than being healthier is there something you're aiming for? :)

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I think this is a fantastic idea for a post Jay, as I said for your personal one. My list could be endless, but:

I'd like to be brave enough to walk out of my front door

To be able to wear all the clothes in my wardrobe

To not always feel shame and embarrassment

To be a fun, active Granny

To not feel like an embarrassment to my family

etc, etc

I've just realised this makes me sound like a right saddo, but to be honest, I am :)


I would love to dance Argentine Tango displaying a graceful figure, other than a chubby one!! A simple dream, but I really desire that!



It is a really great idea.... hmm where do i begin!

-First thing I want to get back to being me and enjoying who I am!

-I would like to enjoy wearing all my really pretty things rather than things that just fit.

-I want to get lighter and healthy so when I go to doc`s i don`t feel guilty that being -overweight has caused any thing or health problem, I put off going as I am worried I will be blamed.

-I want to live as long as I can for my family ,so I need to/must be healthy.

-i would like to get in my hubby`s very fancy car gracefully rather than looking like a sardine in a tin!

-I want to take up less space in a plane and cinema seat ,and allow someone else the armrest.

-It may sound strange but when I am slimmer I don`t feel so clumsy and I want to look like I did in my twenties (OK that`s a little unrealistic dream but ambition is positive !)

I could go on all night but you will all go to the biscuit tin in desperation for me to finish my goals are endless.....:-)

looking forward to hearing others! :-)


I totally get the clumsy thing, I haven't made it through work a single day in the last year without part of me hitting something. I have more scratches than someone with a dozen kittens.

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Great post, great replies.

I want to:

Fit into a wetsuit

Be an inspiration and a signpost to my sister and nieces who have the same physique

To walk properly again for very long distances

Swim 5k race by end of 2016

Swim the Dart 10k race in 2017 - need to learn to swim properly.


Wow, great question!

Where to begin?

-to clothes shop in a 'normal' shop and know I'll be able to find something to fit!

-to show the tops of my arms in the summer! Who wants to see flabby bingo wings?!?

-to wear shorts!!!

-to not worry that my husband and kids might feel embarrassed.

-to avoid the angina and other heart problems that affected my dad, and his mother and my sister....

-to stop wishing it was colder when the thermometer goes over 20degrees!

-to prevent the arthritis in my feet from getting too bad too soon.

-to feel happy when I look in the mirror.

-to have decent photographs of me ....not ones where I'm trying to hide behind something!

Ultimately, I think I just want what everyone else here wants....i want to be 'normal'! I don't want to be the 'fat one', but I don't want to be the 'skinny one' either. I just want to be me!!!



I with you NiCherry - I just want to be average :)


I love this post. I want to walk into any shop and know anything that I try on will fit. Not be worried about plane seat belts being too tight. Not think anything you sit on or stand on will break!!!!! I want to be able to run! :)


great goals and idea to post!

my goal is to be able to wear jeans again and all the other clothes in my wardrobe

also to not have to be paranoid about jiggly bits and being naked in front of my husband


- Fit into all my clothes. Getting there, but there are still a couple of dresses I can't get into.

- I want to be able to feel more comfortable being naked in front of someone. (if my current dating game continues on in a positive manner, this is a genuine thing to be worrying about sooner rather than later!)

- to work out socially with people. I always decline group runs or classes with friends because I don't want to look like the fat mess next to my svelte friend.


Great post, Jay.

When I step out of my fat suit, I can't wait to wake up feeling energised every single day. Everything else will follow :) :)


so much of the above!

To get home from work and NOT put the PJs on immediately, but to go out and have fun.

Getting there!

To have the energy and life left in me to really enjoy retirement in a few years time. To surf and swim, to walk the coastline of Britain...and then...the world?


What a great string of inspiration....!! Thanks to all.

For me, lots of the above...

and to be a Mum who is "joining in" with family activities, not watching / standing by and waiting.

Thanks again. You have all inspired me to keep "being good" this weekend - I really want this.

Good luck to everyone.


I would like

Buy a nice dress and feel good in it.

Feel good with people.

Ride on the roller coaster.


Brilliant post - and so many inspiring responses!

Not having heartburn from over-eating (disappeared when I started this diet)

No more 'chub-rub' (ditto)

To feel energised and not lethargic (ditto)

Being able to fit into everything in my wardrobe (nearly there)

Being slinky and dinky before I hit the menopause

Being able to keep up with my super-fit partner (might be a tad optimistic)

To be able to tuck into a chocolate brownie or sticky toffee pudding without anyone else thinking 'she could do without eating that'

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What a lovely post!!!

And so many great responses.

I am looking forward to rocking a pair of shorts again, and to wear all my lovely dresses from a couple of years back...

but they main thing is not being self conscious about photos. I used to love having photos of my and my friends/family/boyfriend no matter if we were laughing, dancing or pulling silly poses. The past 2 years I have been so self conscious about the angles and not wanted to post any unflattering ones online! I miss not caring as I used to not mind what I looked like at any angle!

A x

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i,d like my twins to be proud of me for once

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