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Hi I'm new


I'm new here not sure how it all works but I'd thought I'd introduce myself I'm becky and I weigh in at 19 stone and "This is the start of my weight loss journey." I've learned the hard way that being Fat CAN kill you and cause nasty diseases I've started to go blind because of it.. But I'm saying no more I need to be here and be healthy for my 3 children who need me, 1 of which is autistic and rely's on me to look after him and care for him the rest of his life. Xx

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Hi PrincessBella,

What a brave and ispiring post. I have just joined this second and yours is the first post I have read and it has made me feel very pleased I've signed up! I wish you lots of luck on your journey, and I am sure you can be a great success.

Good luck.


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Thank you cozbobs. Xx

It's why I started losing weight my asthma was getting worst couldn't keep up with my kids this site is brilliant for tips support and just a confidence boost sometimes x

sueper5 stone

Hi PrincessBella, and welcome.

This is a fantastic forum for motivation, inspiration and advice. It really makes a massive difference having the support of the people here.

Getting your health back is so important and why I decided to make the changes too.

Good luck :)

Hey Becky and welcome.

There is plenty of support to be had here and you are in good company.

A few things I always like to suggest to people.

Start monitoring your food. I am a dieting professional(!) and when I started thought I knew everything there was to know about calories and dismissed the idea of calorie counting BUT you need to do it. Many of us use the myfitnesspal app. Its free, simple to use, makes it super fast, remembers foods, searches the web .... after a day of using it I guarantee you will be converted :)

Plan, plan, plan. Just as you always make sure you would have little snacks and things for the kids when you leave the house do the same for yourself.

Never be left high and dry with no healthy options because you will inevitably end up in the biscuit barrel.

The first few days are the hardest and you just have to grit your teeth and make a go of it - things will get easier after you have settled into a routine.

There is a weigh in every Monday which is quite popular and many of us participate in it - you will see it posted fairly early Monday morning. Up to you if you decide to let us know how you went for the week.

You can do this - I know it. :)

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