Trick or Treat, eek eek eek!

With Hallow'een less than a week away, how is everyone coping with the 'in your face' goodies wherever you turn? Will you be bobbing for apples or chomping the sugary goldenness off a toffee one? Are all the mini choccie bars bought for tiny trick or treaters going to make it into their eager hands or are some going to leap mysteriously down into your tummy?

Hoping the treats are not going to trick you into a frown instead of creating a smile from all those little demons, devils and witches.

I will be home for Hallow'een and the dog has already got his costume sorted - a vampire outfit. When the doorbell goes, he carries a little basket filled with goodies to the door - the trick or treaters love it and Alfie loves the fuss made of him.



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18 Replies

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  • We don't do Halloween full stop. I don't like the celebration if nasty things. How to avoid champagne and cheese at christmas. Now there is a dilema

  • Oooh I adore Hallow'een and our village does it big time, lol. When the children were younger we used to put up the big party gazebo on the drive and string up chocolate and sweetie body parts, candyfloss dust, the local kids bobbed for apples in a water filled inflatable coffin. There was a smoke machine and spooky music, it was fab!!! Not everyones cup of tea I know, but we all had a fun-tastic night and brought pleasure to the faces of hoardes of villagers young and not so young. My children are adults now, so I just stick to the dressing the dog and filling the front porch and approach with pumpkins and hanging spiders, skeletons, etc...these days. Still love it though.

    I'll think about the christmas dilemma after Hallow'een, Bonfire night and my birthday, lol. Do love a nice bit of cheese though........... 😊

  • Hi ShellieL,

    I love the picture that your description of Alfie in his little vampire outfit conjured up for me in my mind - he does sound really cute and I can understand that your house will be really popular amongst the trick or treaters.

    I just checked, and noticed that Halloween is next Saturday, and so far I've not made plans for next weekend yet, so not sure what I'll be doing. In the past, I know I would have been tempted to eat some of the mini chocolate 'treats' meant for the trick or treaters, but these days my taste buds do seem to have changed - so I feel less inclined to want to eat them. That's definitely a change I feel good about. :-)

    Hope you are feeling ok Shellie, and that you have had an enjoyable weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • A little monster costume would probably be more apt for my little pooch. He can be a little menace, lol. I'm feeling ok hun, shattered from being in work this weekend but will be happy when 10am tomorrow morning arrives and my weeks annual leave starts. I think I should have listened to the doctor and returned to work after my break. Oh well, you live and learn. I do appreciate you asking lowcal, kind of you.

    Have a good week hunny. 😊

  • Hi Shellie,

    Nothing scary in Flossieland and I don't think my Calvin would get a costume to fit he's a cross rottie/black lab so a bit chunky !!! and he'd eat all the treats 😈

    You've got to post a photo of Alfie in his cossieπŸ‘»πŸ‘ΉπŸ’€πŸ’©πŸ‘Ί ooh I've just found a new flossieπŸ‘Όlol

    I used to love bobbing for apples and were told at schoolif you peeled an apple in front of a mirror you would see your true love appear aaah, mind you Donny Osmond never did show lol


  • The forum still doesn't have the facility to upload pics from Ipads. I'm sure I read that they are trying to sort this though. I found out when I tried to upload a recipe pic. πŸ˜•

  • I used to love Halloween when the kids were kids, but now that they're almost middle aged and we live in the middle of nowhere, we only get a visit from our grandchildren and treats are bought for them and taken away by them. No temptation whatsoever :)

  • Piccy please. Cheer us all up, well, me anyway

  • I hate Halloween - all we ever get is strange children (some way too old to still be doing it) ringing the doorbell all evening. I'm Mrs Grumpy and put a sign up on the door saying no trick or treaters now! How their parents can let them maraud around the village ringing random doorbells when they have no idea who will be opening that door I just don't know - paedos must love Halloween!

    I don't mind if someone has rung me up and warned me that their offspring will be coming and then I can get some sweets in, but I don't have sweets in the house and I'm buggered if I'm going to give all the local teenagers the contents of my biscuit tin!

    I'm not normally a miseryguts, honest!!!

  • Alfie sounds adorable though :)

  • Oh dear, you reaaaally don't like Hallow'een do you, lol. We average a couple of hundred trick or treaters and they start at around 6pm and finish around 9.30pm, just think of all the up/down exercise that I get - bonus hehehe. We have very few that arrive unescorted by either parent or big bro' / sister, and many are quite chatty, usually 'hello Miss, which school do you work at now?' It's nice to see the kids grow from tiny terrors, knee high to a grasshopper to 6 footers in some cases. 😊

  • Yikes! That's a lot of sweeties!

  • It certainly is!!!! I buy a trolley load, including 4 big drums of celebrations and a few giant bags of white choc buttons for the little ones. Fortunately it's only once a year, lol. 😊

  • Aww Shellie your dog sounds adorable :)

    I succumb to some giant marshmallows today - bought them, not yet eaten them. Sometimes (this sounds mad) just buying things is enough.

    We are having a little Halloween buffet tea on Friday as out treat night so hopefully that will satisfy my need for some Halloween naughties!

    I am going to a party on Saturday, not buffet but sweets. May struggle that night. Still trying to decide whether to drink or drive. Too many calories in the booze but sometimes you have to let your hair down :)

    Hope you are able to resist and if not build it into your calories. I am sure Alfie will share if that will help :)

  • Your weekend sounds fabby, will the party be fancy dress? Whether it is or night, hope you have a fandabbydozy time. 😊

  • Hi Shellie, fancy dress is optional. My hubby said he wouldn't dress up so I bought a great Disney evil queen tee shirt from Asda - so great to be able to buy their regular clothes :) Now hubby has decided he is going to dress up but I am sticking with the tee. :)

  • I used to live in a tower block where the kids would come door to door working their way along all the floors, and I used to get some sweets in for them. It's only once a year... But I live in a much quieter block now, so don't think I'll get any visitors this year. Love the sound of your cute doggie with the basket of treats :)

  • It's special to me as my birthday is 1st November and I was supposed to be born on 31st October. I joke that the angels saw what I had chosen to be born into and decided that I needed all the help I could get, so they shifted my time of birth to 'All Souls (Saints) Day!! lol. 😊

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