Not motivating at all!

Well, I went away for a few days, walked and ran 6 miles along the beach each morning before breakfast, then cycled 20-30 miles each day......beautiful majorca, really lovely and my fitness showed at least 2500 cqlories burned each day. Stayed off all the trigger areas and put in all I ate, staying between 1400 - 1500 calories a day. Got home and wrighed, havecput on the 3 pounds I lost last week.......gutted!!


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5 Replies

  • I bet you're slimmer though. Sounds like you've built muscl. I'm the same - no weight loss but I'm much smaller because of running.

  • That really is gutting. Doesn't make any sense at all.

  • I also holidayed in Majorca, Porto Christo to be exact. I done loads of swimming and was a little disappointed that my weight had stayed more or less the same, maybe up 1lb if I'm being honest. I keep a track of my weight on a spreadsheet and when I came back, I lost over 5lb in five days.

    I didn't do anything different when I came back, but, it got me thinking that the pressurised cabin on the plane may have had some affect on my body. I was thinking that maybe it caused water retention or something.

    One thing I do know, is that, often after a flight I will suffer for day or so with an ache in my lower stomach, and when I explained the pain, my wife said it sounds similar to a period pain. As a man, I'm unable to confirm this.

    We know pressurised cabins can have affects on our body, which is why some people aren't allowed to fly, but I wonder if we know all of the side effects of flying.

    I hope that as you settle in to your normal routine and your body has acclimatised, that you to will shed those extra pounds with ease.

    Well done though, for the excersise, running and cycling. I hope you enjoyed it and have happy memories. :)

  • Was a lovely holiday thanks, great island to explore either on a bike, or foot......had also been wondering if the flight had anything to do with it, always get puffy feet etc when flying, lets hope it comes off as quickly as yours did.

  • I had an active holiday earlier this year, came back to find I'd gained 2lbs. 'How?!?' I asked myself. But 3-4 days later when I weighed on my usual weighing day, I'd lost 4lbs. Similar to Tewson above. So I put it down to water retention, especially if you flew, and it will disappear in the next few days.

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