Dilemma ( and not the Nelly/Kelly one !)

Hi all,

Well 2 days back from jollies and did a sneaky weigh, now what to do ???

My usual wgt day is a Friday and when I got weighed was just off a 20 hr day and a long flight and had put on 5.4Ib. Jumped on scales this morning and ........ not sure wether to go with today's wgt as I'm down quite a bit or just roll with it till Friday !

I sound such a whine sorry !!


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17 Replies

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  • Hi flossie, well it sounds like it's really good news for you which is really good :-) I would look at this as a positive result and now you know how you have done roll with it and work toward this Fridays weigh in with the aim of beating the number you see today. Well done YOU :-)

  • Hi Trafford1,

    Think I panicked a bit !! why ?? Think I'm a bit worried will not get back on track, but you are right just carry on and see what Friday brings any loss is a bonus eh !!



  • Don't panic two days ago I was 4 1/2lbs heavier, was so annoyed, post menopause bloat, gone now, last week wasn't fab, but I knew it couldn't be that bad

  • Hi Diana,

    Thanks, feeling much like myself today head is clear and that awful bloated heavy feeling gone !!

    The things we do !! lol

    Hope you have a fab week


  • It's started well, bought some jeans a size smaller again, wow, unexpected too

  • Go with today's. I was cabin crew and would notice half a stone going on and coming off here there n everywhere, it is mainly water retention because of the dehydration.

    Today your body will be in a more normal state so I would take that weight.

  • Hi Mrs,

    Thanks for your support, I do. Feel less bloated but still a bit dry, don't know how you managed flying all the time if I'm in a pickle after just a weeks hol and a delayed flight !! I'd be committed if did long haul lol


  • Hi Flossie, why not go with both? Official weigh-in day Friday and today is just a progress update.

    Glad to here the weight is coming off :)

  • Hi Sueper,

    Like your thinking. Have noted today's wgt and will see what Friday brings.

    What did you decide on your sugar idea ??



  • Hi Flossie, I am sticking with a single cube then when the pack runs out I'll go to a half. I am getting used to the cube - just!


  • Hi Flossie,

    If you feel better leaving it until Friday, you should do it. Equally don't feel disappointed, you had a holiday, if you have gained a few pounds, in a few weeks it will be gone and you will still have had a great time. Don't let a minor rise play with your mind.

    Dave x

  • Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your support, it all sounds a bit silly as I read it now. I panicked a bit and should no better than to sneaky weigh !! lol

    Have a good week


  • We all do it from time to time Flossie. You too.

    Dave x

  • What ever will give you the motivational boost that you need.....sounds good what ever you decide!

  • Hi PP,

    Am going with it, will make a note and wait for Friday.



  • Go with both. Whatever happens you'll see a loss by next Friday. You could always post your mid-week weigh in on Lowcal's thread, then go back to your usual Fridays. Treat it as a challenge to stay at that lower weight or less by next Friday. And so pleased for you that you did see that lower weight after waiting a couple of days. The same has happened for others on here. MrsM87's reply seems pretty conclusive that your post-flight weigh in would have been inaccurate too :)

  • Hi Ruth,

    Challange accepted for Friday's weigh in, the good side is maybe my eating overall was better than I thought !!!

    If starting work tomorrow, good luck๐Ÿ’‹ and go knock them dead !!! lol


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