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Hello! Just joined the 12 wk programme...wish me luck :)


Here I am trying to get on a diet again...tried many times but not done so good. I am good at food choices, and for the last year I have been very good with exercise, challenging myself with all sorts of things, but my problem is keeping track of those calories, eating out of habit or for emotional reasons...so now that I know, I best work on it! I think half of the challenge is keeping positive throughout the process...I recently read a book, called 'The Secret' by R. Byrne, it has really inspired me in thinking that my only challenge is my head and that's what I need to work on to achieve anything I want in life...I recommend it if you need some positivity at this point in life.

That said, let's see what progress I've made next week!

Wish you all a good week on your diets!


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Just been here a few days myself. Anything rather than obsess about food.


Hi good luck...being positive really works


Hey Stefania, good luck on your 12 weeks.

AN app that many of us use to rack food is the My Fitness Pal app. Its easy to use, really fast to log your food, it remembers previous meals and foods so you can just pick those each day if you have the same, it can talk to FItbits and other fitness trackers and its free. Fantastic little tool that will also tell you how many calories you should consumer per day after you give it some basic info.

And you are absolutely right. Its ALL mental.

There is no way on earth our bodies are craving all that salt and fat and sugar - its bad for our bodies. Its our brain that wants the fix not our body.

Overcome this and you are well on the way - and I wish I could! :)


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